282 and 82 Owners - Do Not Get Cross With Your SNAIC's

Or rather… do not cross your SNAIC’s (*) - if you are using 2 HiCap’s with your 282 or 82…

If you do… you get a faint buzz and no music… Ooops… :astonished:

Much better, the correct way around… :grinning:

Won’t happen with just one HiCap… But… you need your Link Plug in place then…

I have no idea what happens with a Supercap… :thinking:

(* - I did this, swapping over my HiCaps with my XPS2.
XPS2 is now on the bottom, with the HC’s next level up.
Will it all sound loads better…???)

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Fortunately I use a pair of Morganas for the HC that does the sound and a mere regular black ( what came in the HC box) snaic for the other HC that does just the 2 24v dc supplies. Works for me so far.
But I can see how you can swap them over and get no sound!

I have a pair of Black SNAIC’s…
Which I thought I had re-connected the right way around… :thinking:

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Sure the 4-pin lead to the amplifier wasn’t on the wrong HiCap?

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Yes - and no. The signal was (wrongly) going to the HiCap without the 4 pin DIN to XLR lead, going to my 250.

I had intended the RH HiCap to have the signal - which is how I had had it just previously (before swapping boxes around). But I got the SNAIC’s wrong, so the signal went to the LH one. I swapped the SNAIC’s back and all was snakey… :snake:

6 of one or half a dozen of the other… IMO… YMMV…

Supercap is similar. One 5pin DIN has audio in/out the other DIN is just power.

The top output DIN (power only) on the Supercap goes into the top DIN input (the one where you need to remove the link plug) of the 282.

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Interesting. I run both SNAICs from a SCdr to a 282 [very] loosely twisted around each other. Which is a general (not specifically Naim) recommendation for reducing noise. I’ve never had any problem whatsoever with that configuration.

Running them close together is certainly a good idea (and with the socket layout of 282 and SC this tends to happen anyway). I think the OP was talking about crossing them as in meaning getting them the wrong way around and getting no sound.


Correct, I was… :thinking: :snake:


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