282 behaving badly

As a Naim owner for over 30 years I am somewhat embarrassed at not having posted here until now, though over the last couple I have (sporadically) read others’ posts avidly.

What brings me here today is that my 282 decided yesterday to start to behave badly. I went to play some tunes when I was confronted with a blinking mute button and hence, of course, no sound. Not only that but the input selection cannot be changed from Aux either automatically or manually. I cannot identify any reason why this should have suddenly happened.

I have since been endeavouring to find a solution online, both through this community and more widely. There seem to be have been few other cases of the same problem though I have seen some exchanges suggesting that it might be a question of incorrect interconnects (all checked and correct), issues with the remote (it works fine with my CD player). I have tried to reset the 282 through the remote but there appears to be no communication between them, and I have shut down overnight and powered up the 282 again with the exact same fault existing.

I fear the worst, a substantial repair job, but would be very grateful if anyone can suggest some possible solutions before I send the 282 for a check-up. Merci bien.

How old is it? Is it due for a service, in which case I doubt a repair would add much cost?

Er, um … yes, it is (over)due for a service … bought in 2011.

Well not too bad, but a service may kill two birds with one stone - unless someone else has a specific fix here.

Is the NAPSC ok?

I would check that and all connections. How are you powering the 282?

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Is it fed via a HiCap? The flashing mute can be a lack of feed from the HC.

Yes sounds like a problem with the HiCap or SuperCap whichever you are using. I’d check the connections. Hopefully just a simple thing.

Are the link plugs connected ok? (Depending on whether you are posting it from a 200, Hicap/Hicaps or Supercap)

This post might be helpful:

More information on how you’re powering the NAC282 is really needed here (from the power amp? From a single Hicap? Double Hicap? Supercap?). The flashing mute usually indicates either a faulty power supply or issue with a link plug (missing link plug?).

Thanks so much to all …
Checked all the connections and it was indeed a slightly loose power cable to the HiCap (it is at floor level so not easy to see the illuminated Naim light).
We are relocating to the UK next month so that will be a good opportunity to more easily get the 282 serviced.


In terms of service, I cannot recommend high enough “Class A” Naim approved. You could probably have them shipped direct, then when serviced Darren at Class A can ship them to your UK address


Glad it’s sorted. :+1:

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