282 & NDX2 better than a 222?

Good day gents,

What’s the consensus on the matter? I have the opportunity to buy either a 282+NAPSC+HCDR or a 222 (both brand new) for the same price. If I go the 222 route, I can alleviate some of the damage by selling the existing NDX2. I’m trying to upgrade my 272, currently assigned to Preamp only duties.

Thank you in advance.

Forum wisdom would suggest that NDX2/282 has better SQ than a 222. But they will sound different. To some extent it depends on where you want to end up. If you want to go NC maybe a 222 (or a 333, keeping the 272 until you can get a 332) may make more sense. Although only your ears can decide on SQ, there are other (e.g. usability) factors to consider.


Your profile says “until I can afford the 332” so if that’s your end game you should ignore both options until you can get the NC you want?

We had 272/XPSDR/250DR and the 282/HCDR was a better pre at demo (and that was with an ND5XS2 and TT).

We heard the 222 and it was also a big step up on 272. You’d have to make a call on mixing NC and classic amp.


I’m not sure mixing a 332 with my existing classics is such a great idea anymore, something that I’ll address right now in my profile.

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In that case NDX2/282/300 would be a very nice setup indeed.

Add a PSU to NDX2 in time.


282 for sure, particularly as you already have OC 300 & NDX2, get a psu for the NDX2 down the road and you’ll be well sorted


Two votes :+1:

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When I had my demos both I and my dealer thought NDX2 into 332 sounded rather odd and even unpleasant. So I would not recommend that pairing, although as always YMMV.


There are plenty of nice, used 282s about if you are looking to save some money. You might then even be able to afford a used PS for your NDX2.

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And a supercap DR on the 282 and a 252 after that :blush:.

Upgrading when you are on the route of NC seems rather hard unless money is no issue.
For me I only buy preloved. Good luck.

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If you are happy with your 300DR, it makes a lot of sense to get the 282. However, I’d also look for a used XPSDR or ideally 555PSDR. Without a power supply in the NDX2, and the 300DR on the end, your system is rather unbalanced. Alternatively, a 222 with NPX 300, and putting the active boards in the PMCs and losing the 300DR, might be an interesting alternative.


Upgrading old classics is a great option now with some great value used prices.

We’re waiting for good ND555 at £5k :smile:


I listened to 222/250 and 282/300/NDX2 when I was doing my full system upgrade last year.
My profile gives the full detail of the chosen system (282😉).
It was the outright winner for me on SQ and sound signature. I have also heard a full NC300 system and though it was amazing, I won’t be switching.


I think it’s all about sound difference rather than quality.
I’ve had a 252/300 fronted by an NDAC/XPS and I much prefer the 222/300/250 sound. It’s more detailed and even tempered whereas although I liked the 252/300 I moved it on for Devialet as I grew tired of the mid bass and the slightly congested sound floor (S400s at the time), so for me the new classic sound is perfect. People need to audition carefully.


About a year ago, I had a listen to the full 200 system at my dealers. At home, I had the 272/555dr/250dr at the time. Same Dynaudio Heritage Specials in both setups.

The 200 was set up in a difficult room, as they were trying to accommodate a lot of gear at the time. It sounded way cleaner than my system, more resolute, with an inky background. The grip on the Heritages was tighter too. Didn’t do anything for me, left for home happy and disappointed at the same time.

Now, hearing lots of you folks being delighted with your 200 series makes me feel maybe the system I listened to wasn’t bedded yet or the auditioning room was perhaps far worse that I initially thought.

Going for a 222 instead of 282 would be incentive enough for me to upgrade the 300DR too, at some point or going active with the PMC as HH suggested. Maybe an NPX300 as well. But not being able to audition the 200 series again (the dealership wont do Naim auditions anymore) I’m afraid what I’ve heard the first time is indeed the new sound signature and one I won’t be able to live with in the long run.

I love the dark, slightly coarse and gritty sound signature of the classics, don’t want to loose that.


Over the years I’ve found that when you are choosing equipment in demos at the dealer or at home that you are hypercritical and working out which is ‘best’ from various perspectives. But once you get your chosen system home you forget comparisons and can just enjoy it, so long as there is no obvious issue such as boomy speakers.

The NC stuff has caused a real dilemma for many. If you get the 282 then you also have the Hicap and the silly little Napsc, and you’ll really need a power supply for the NDX2. So that’s seven boxes altogether, and still have people telling you to get a 252 and Supercap. Against that background, a 222, 300 and new 250 sounds rather appealing. As I said, once you get it home you’ll forget about the old stuff anyway. Do you want new or old? And if you have old now, will you then want new at a later date?


Since you already have the NDX2 and 300 I would just add a 252DR and 555DR and enjoy!

The 282 preamp is better than 272 but needs the SCDR to be a significant.

The 332 really deserves the 350’s and a 333

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Indeed. The 7 boxes was one reason I sold my Mac - nDAC/XPS/252/300 system a decade ago and went to 1 box plus the Mac. That and the 252 and 300 needing a service. The 200 series is very very well thought out but ‘dark and gritty’ it certainly is not.

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With what you already have I would opt for the 282 and add a power supply to the NDX2.

I was pleasantly surprised how good the 282 was with a Hi Cap in my system when my 552 dropped a relay and was away for repair. I had a NDX2 in my system for month or so with the 555ps and it was absolutely superb.

I have been to both the 200 and 300 series launch at my dealer and if you add the 282 and power supply to what you have you will need to look at the 300 series.

Both the 200 and 200 series benefit massively with the additional power supplies.


I doubt there’s a consensus, for me the 222/555DR is better than any of the OC options sans NDS and 555 and those options require more boxes and are finicky about placement. I much prefer the NC sound and it has prompted me to spend my money with Naim again whereas before I was considering other brand options.