300 series now out with dealers

I spotted my local dealer has had his 300 series kit delivered today, so won’t be long now till we get to hear it all.
The question will be how good is it?
Does it step on the 500 series toe’s or equal it, or maybe better it?
Not long till i get to hear it for myself as got to pop down to take some gear back.


seen a lot this morning on FB from dealers with the new 300 has arrived and setting up Loud & clear @Cymbiosis and I am sure all major NAIM dealers today

let the feedback and reviews commence !

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Naim would be shooting themselves in the foot if the 300 series bettered the 500 series, surely?

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Well you have to keep on getting better, you can’t go backwards or you will get slated.
So it’s quite possible it will equal the 500 series for sound, as we all know the 500 series will be next for the upgrade.
The 200 series kit has killed off a lot off the classic gear for sound quality, and the 300 has got to be atleast a step or two above that, so i think it could well be a close run thing.


Do we know that the 500 series will be upgraded any time soon?

I know what my dealer was told from naim when he ordered his 500dr amp for demo not that long ago, as he was a bit worried he might get stuck with it. But i can’t really say.
But it’s coming, but not this year

At £52,000 for the pair they don’t exactly fly off the shelves in their thousands. If the 332 and 350 get close, or better, for a lot less, that’s got to be good, both for customers and for Naim. And then, when an improved new 500 series appears, that will be even better.


Lots of dealers now posting their first 300 pics on Instagram.

Oops looks like I just missed the start of this thread :grinning: Anyway, nine days earlier then expected we’ve received our New Classic 300 Series NSS 333, NAC 332 and NAP 350’s :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks Naim :+1:


Naim seem to have adopted this new, yet retro, style of packaging. My Nait 50 was just the same.

Not sure if it was on here, or maybe on youtube with a factory rep, but it was said the NAC332 bare would better the 282/HCDR & when PS added should better the 252/SCDR (obviously with likely a bit different sonic signatures).

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Yes, today there seems to be full activity among our dealers :+1:


Dealers should know better!


Well it’s certainly nice to see all the new ranges coming out from naim, as it’s been a while.
Even though i don’t use any naim in my main system these day’s. I am still happy to see the new gear, and even more so what it’s going to sound like.
Just hope the new gear yet to be announced has some nice surprises among it


I’m sure there will be improvements to hear but remember the aim was also to respond to a solution that could involve less boxes, so as I understand it you can have a 3 box 300 level system. More a different way to skin the cat?

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Thank god I’m broke…

And don’t have credit …phew.


As it’s got to sound better than the kit it’s replacing or naim will get slated.
How ever that is achieved is normally called progress.

Obviously some owners might not like seeing the new gear come out, and knowing it is better than the kit it’s replacing that they own. But eventually everything gets replaced, and normally by better gear.
It doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy what you have, but it does probably plant the seed in your brain for the what if, and obviously that’s what it’s all about. Sales.


this is most likely the solution to several things. a 3 box solution yes, but also a 5 box solution if you have a 555 with 2 psus or a 4 box solution maybe 5 if you want the new 350, actually this could be from 4 to 6 or 7 boxes. Still much lego going on here, and this is just in a streaming setup.

My magnificent seven won’t be getting traded, I’m sure of that.



Anyone know what the power rating is?