300 series now out with dealers

The NC has shifted the paradigm for SQ. It’ll be interesting to hear how the 300 series stacks up against the 500 series. It doesn’t seem like it would be better but if it is that’s great for customers.


According to the Naim website page for the NAP350;
…175W into 8 ohms and 345W into 4 ohms. It can deliver peak power of up to 1.7kW to drive impedance dips of complex speaker crossover networks.


Tell home not to worry, he’ll not get stuck with it. Might have to take a hit on the margin but there’s plenty of us out here that’ll snap up that level of kit if the price is right. I’ve noticed that used Naim prices are really squeezed right now depending on the unit and I doubt it will get better for sellers :frowning:. Buyers :champagne:

The retro box is for the nait 50 (nothing else yet?). These are the standard component boxes inside a plain brown “throwaway” box for extra protection in shipping; window for the label so you can see what’s inside. Also means no shipping labels on the component box itself.


That’s just it being a dealer he didn’t want an expensive 500dr demo amp in his stock if a new 500 series was about to be released. He ordered it, it’s now on demo, so i think you can work it out.

There is no new “soon to be released” 500DR replacement :see_no_evil:

And just as importantly with 50% more current @ 42A than the New Classic NAP 250.

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Why you guys can’t get yourselves a NAC552, a NAP150 and a pair of Allaes is beyond me :sunglasses:


Why? Surely they should be proud of themselves if this is the case? It’s their competitors amps that they need to stand up against, not stuff they designed themselves a quarter of a century ago.



Doesn’t mean the ‘old stuff’ is broken - witness the loads of Olive users here.

Bring it on. Long live Naim, in all the series.


Might be a good time to grab that 552 Stevie. DR of course.


I expect it will level out over time. There will a lot of users with classic gear who might want to stay in that range, and will now upgrade with used or discounted gear. People newer to the brand buying new, will likely move up the new range.


552 is a keeper, and I believe those who have it wouldn’t trade it down 332, which I highly doubt will better it. Maybe those with 252 would trade up.
Another one that’s going to be up for grab in secondary market is the NDX2 I guess, and 300DR (?)


Because, if they did that, they would never sell another 500 Series component - at least until a new 500 Series is launched.

(Which may, or may not, be on the cards, depending upon which rumours you believe.)

I wonder if Salisbury is still producing 500s these days…I mean in light of keeping up with production target for the new NCs 300&200s​:thinking::thinking:, I would imagine all production lines would be dedicated for the NCs nowadays (albeit with the ones in Slovakia)

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I just bought a new ND555 on sale and it was made in 2020 and in an unopened box…


Exactly, I guess they have stocked up enough and what they need to do now is to push them to the dealers/customers for the next few years ahead until they’ll start with “new500s” launching someday.
What I’m saying is, when designing and producing the NCs, Naim has no baggage anymore to maintain the superiority of the higher segment’s legacy products over the lower but newer ones.


As the price of used classic equipment drops the price/performance improves. A four-box NC 300-series system costs a reassuringly expensive £28k which will get you a long way buying classic equipment on a well-known major auction site. Just seen an NDS at £2.7k which is a lot of streamer for the money.

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What are those black boxes? Are those fins heatsinks?

The 500 series is built to order. Naim won’t be holding large stocks at the factory. Mike’s case is different as his ND555 will have been ordered by the distributor and then held in stock.