300 series now out with dealers

I think it’s been mentioned once or twice that the DAC Chip itself is only part of the jigsaw. How it is implemented and the DSP applied has a huge amount to do with the eventual sound. Hardware needs good software to get the best out of it.

can someone explain the difference between an NDX2 and NC333, is it just an updated product or a parallel product?



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This isn’t much help, I don’t think, but comparison photos between NDX2 and NSS333 here:

And a (brief! X) ) explanation of the differences here:

There has definitely been more information about the NAC and NAP than I recall reading about the NSS

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Well that make sense.

So what’s left now is for as many as possible the masterful ears in this forum to have demo and reviews on the SQ of the NCs vs all other existing gears and combination of them

If the 300 series really was a 500 beater then I don’t believe for a second that Naim would have launched it without retiring the 500’s first

I think some people are being a little mischievous in over-hying expectations.

That said I’m sure the 300 series is something very special indeed.


No, not here. :rofl::rofl::grin:


Some people are just windup merchants. You just have to ignore them :joy:

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I dropped off my LP12 with Tony at Basically Sound, Norfolk yesterday and got to hear his new 300 series demo system.
332/300, 333/300 and 2x 350 through a pair of ATC’s, but I’m not sure which ones.
Sounded truly wonderful at approx £42k (without speakers🫣)


Come on, you’ve got a spare kidney. :grin:


Surely that’s not a thing,…

I hadn’t realised just how close in price they were to the 552/500 (assuming of course one goes “all in” with the 300s)

332/300 and 2x 350 = £25.6k nap500 & nac552 £26k each, Close?

I would assume that ‘all-in’ would also include the power supplies too

i.e. 333/300, 332/300, 2x350 = £39200

Seriously :laughing::joy::joy::joy:

Allowing for the fact that it is possible to negotiate a fairly chunky discount on 552/500 and, I suspect, not the new kit, yes, relatively close in the great scheme of things, not I would agree in absolute terms!

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I didn’t have that in mind just because that includes the source too, although I suppose if you were looking at something comparable, albeit inevitably second hand, including what an NDS/555DR goes for now as opposed to a 333/300 would further narrow the gap.

I would love to go active as full statement would cost me more than I want to spend. I was contemplating 3 x 500DR feeding my 808’s but if the 350’s have a very appealing sound a six pack would be cheaper. Last time I heard a six was with 135’s driving Isobariks many many moons ago. Once heard never forgotten :thinking: I will find out if my dealer can facilitate a dem. I will of course report back with my opinions of the comparison if it can be arranged. If 6 x 350 beats 3 x 500 then the 4/2 split with say 606’s should provide a similar result. Maybe a few people might benefit from the critique.


The range has shifted with the NC and I don’t think the performance of a particular range has any bearing on its release in this instance. With the supply chain and factory capacity issues I suspect Naim just want to get this stuff out at this point. I agree with others the 300 series will likely perform near or better than the 500 and given the new sound signature that will be more subjective anyway. Either way it sounds like there’s plans for a 500 update which makes sense given the shift in range.

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I would be very interested if you do get to hear this combo. Had you previously considered 3x250s (new style)? I preferred this to 1x500DR but have never heard 3x500, which I couldn’t accommodate in my set up anyway. What crossover would you be using?

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I will wait for the Kudos crossover which was due out now but has been delayed until early next year. It’s designed by one of my favourite R&D guys. I won’t be the one to divulge who it is but let’s just say that IMO he’s at a similar level to the brilliant Steve and Gary at Naim

I gave the 250’s the swerve NB because I knew the 350’s were due out. The cabling and extra FRAIMS will be a challenge but Derek at Kudos much prefers the sound of his Titan range driven actively. I will need a lengthy listening session to determine.