The Naim New Classic Range - Part 2

Comparing NDX2 and NSS333 would be v interesting and would have thought marketing guff would have focused on improvements :man_shrugging:

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Yes it’s sure

One for the left and one for right channels.


Looks like a rather big change to the analogue section in the 333. Much smaller than in NDX2. I wonder what the upside is with dual mono as per 350 design running a huge transformer in each box vs the 300DR solution with dual mono in one box and the power in a separate box.




These look amazing if I won the lottery I know what my first purchase would be. Hopefully these new products will lead to an upgrade for me still, as imagine others will want to upgrade to these new pieces, which in turn will hopefully lead to my dealer getting more 282/hcdr/250dr traded in :joy:. Really glad to see things I know people have asked for in wish lists.

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…There’s 3x streaming/digital/DSP/DAC PCBs stacked up on top of each other in the 333.

There are only 2 on top of each other in the NDX


Ah I see. Stacking is better why? Shorter signal paths?
Isn’t the electronics left of center for analogue? I can see stacking on the right side digital/streaming parts.

…more room for on-board SSD/server in due course???

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Very good point @Sinewave and a good idea to have. Then again, maybe things are looking ahead where ripped music is getting rare, but it important to me and what I have with my travelling Auralic Altair G1. A 2 TB SSD onboard

All sounds lovely, but too rich for my blood.
I look forward to all the lovely preowned Classic Series flooding onto the used market😉
Maybe a NAP300 isn’t out of the question, linked to a nice NAC282🤔


Is there a recommended retail price in Europe for the 300 series yet?

Better Microphonic isolation,I think


NSS 333 - £7900.00 / EUR 9000.00 / USD 9000.00

NAC 332 - £7900.00 / EUR 9000.00 / USD 9000.00

NAP 350 (pair) - £12000.00 / EUR 14000.00 / USD 14000.00

NPX TT - £2699.00 / EUR 3000.00 / USD 3000.00

NVC TT - £2699.00 / EUR 3000.00 / USD 3000.00


I figured Naim would have finally moved on from the Promisic capacitors in the preamps after all these years. I’m surprised.

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Bloody stunning. Bravo Naim!


Where are these new components made and assembled, does anyone know?

With a current $ to £ exchange rate of 1.25 and allowing for typical US sales tax of say 5%, Naim has priced the new 300 series quite competitively I would say.


belguim, netherlands and luxemburg distribution talks about october 2023 as availability

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The NAC 332 is interesting as well. Could maybe lose 4 boxes and replace it by one. 252, Supercap, headline2, Hicap2 and keep the XPS2 initially for that. Will be interesting to see what people say about it in comparison with the 252

Same cables that connect to the NC250.

One pair of 4pin DIN to Balanced XLR

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