350 - No Sound from Left Amp

Given how much you have spent with them, it should be… IMO.

You Are Worth It… :expressionless:

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I had a faulty 222 recently that muted when volume was adjusted but it did come back after about 5 secs, presumably something to do with the fly by wire volume control, could be something similar with the 332. Anyway, return to dealer sounds like the only thing to do but an annoying time for it to happen as you say as you may not get a replacement before xmas.

That’s interesting thanks, we’ll see what they say I guess, hopefully yours was sorted quickly.

Correct, which points back to the amp as you originally suggested

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How did things go with your dealer @Mark63, all sorted hopefully?

Hi @RexManning, in progress … had a good talk with them yesterday, very helpful as usual. Also surprised, this is the first issue with the New Classic boxes they’ve had.

Talked it through and they suggested hooking up the 350 that’s playing up to the right speaker, basically swapping everything over. I also swapped out the Morgana with the Lavender interconnect while I was at it. Everything was fine for half an hour or so then it cut out again. I thought I was going to have to leave it overnight again but then remembered that all the boxes have a reset button on the back. Tried that and powered it up and it was fine, has been on all last night and today, playing fairly loud while working upstairs.

Seems like it might be a software thing related to the automation, phoned the dealer and let them know, they’re speaking to Naim with that info.

They had offered to send me an amp to see me over the holidays, just a bad time to get a replacement organised in time.


Seems like you’re in good hands. Would be a good thing if this is a software hickup!

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Yep, they’ve always been great … fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

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Maybe for the time being leave the automation cable disconnected?


I didn’t think of that! :crazy_face:

Naim fw and sw seems lacking IME

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Ooh, makes me super glad I’m all old school analogue with the 500…

Really hope you see a swift resolution though! The 350’s drove my speakers (brutal impedance dips) with ease and disdain when on demonstration… Amazing design!:+1:

The reset button on the back on the New Classic’s is a good thing in my opinion.

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Heard back from Naim via my dealer and that was their suggestion too, it may be getting spurious commands through the cable. I’ve done that now so will see.

Strangely the pre goes into standby automatically after 20 mins but the power amps stay on … even though the switches on both of them are set to auto standby … :thinking:

Yes there’s something to be said for simplicity!

Yes effortless :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like Naim will be swapping the boxes in the new year, just been bad timing. At least it’s all working better now.

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Presumably the ‘auto’ bit of auto-standby is dictated by the pre-amp, so if the cable is disconnected the power amp never gets the instruction to go into standby.

The options on the toggle switch are instant on or auto standby, so with the lead connected it is not possible to turn off the preamp and leave the power amps on.

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Yes taking a while to get my head round it I guess :crazy_face:

You and me both!

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Sounds as if Amps are fine. Preamp isn’t. Or maybe the cable is bad? Is it a simple cable? Maybe Naim can FedEx overnight a new one directly to you? Or maybe your Dealer can loan you one?


I think the amps stay on because even though the switches on the back are set to Auto they still need a signal to switch off. Personally I’d set them to On. As Far as the preamp I’d carefully re-read the owners manual there must be a way to just keep it on. Unless Standby keeps things warmed up and ready to go.