350 - No Sound from Left Amp

Listening to music after work yesterday, had the house to myself so a bit louder than usual, but not excessive, just past 12 on the dial. While turning it down the left channel dropped out completely, speaker completely quiet. I’ve listened louder for longer than this several times.

Put it into standby for 10 mins or so then back on, still nothing from the left channel.

Back into standby then unplugged after a few minutes. Left it like that for 30 mins or so, powered back up and the left channel was back. Turned the volume up to normal level and the left channel went again.

Did the same process again and this time the channel was not there after powering up :confused:

Tried swapping xlrs, speakers, speaker cables, nothing from the amp on the left channel.

Was pretty fed up at this point so shut down and left it unplugged overnight.

Just powered it up and the left channel is back, wonder for how long … not impressed, will be phoning the dealer on Monday … not what I wanted just before the holidays … what could be going on here?

are you sure it’s the amp and not source or pre? either way it sounds like something is amiss alright

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Hi, I think swapping the xlrs on the back of the pre would have shown a problem with the source or the pre itself? The single channel would’ve come out of the other speaker? I did try the AV input which bypasses the pre and the same problem was there.

I think it unlikely that anyone on here would be able to answer this… :expressionless:

Its a new item (I assume) - so your Dealer should be your first call on this.

YMMV, etc…

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Yes it’s all just four weeks old today … I will phone the dealer on Monday, just wondering if there were any thoughts on what could have been going on or what to try if it happens again I suppose.

1- was the power cable to the 350 properly seated?* If not, this can cause the amp to struggle to maintain constant output, and run hot.

*If a Powerline, was/is it pushed 100% home?

Ditto the interconnects.

2- were the amps hot? I know the 350 has a fan, but did you drive them with SPLs high enough to potentially invoke the thermal protection kicking in?

IME with an Olive 250, it took ~15mins for the kit to come back on post a rest, and it would heat up again pretty quick.

Might also be worth checking the plug tops and ensuring all the cables are tight.

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Thought 3) -

What are the Speakers and Speaker Cables…?

Answer in profile (assuming correct?): System: ND5 XS2, nDAC, NAC 332, NAP 350, Troels Gravesen Illuminator 71, Witch Hat Morgana interconnect, Phantom speaker cables, Gaia III, EE 8 switch.

IIRC, the Troels 'speakers are quite efficient, so it would seem unlikely for the 350s to struggle with them under normal-use conditions (famous last words!)…unless they have a very nasty impedance spike in them?

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I checked that but was not sure, as I didn’t recognise the items listed… :thinking:

Phantom speaker cables - are :mage:…?

Hi, I didn’t notice anything with the plugs when I disconnected everything, they’re the Powerline-lites that come with it.

The volume I was playing at certainly wasn’t excessive and the speakers aren’t that hard to drive, I’ve played louder and longer! I did wonder about thermal cutout but that would’ve turned them off completely? The lights were still on. Neither amp was warm to the touch.

Thinking about it though, both times it cut out was while I was changing volume via the remote.

Thanks for the thoughts, I’ll double check all the cables later when I tidy it all up later.


Pointing at the NAC332 preamp now… :thinking:

Good Info.

Yes the speakers are as in my profile … they’re not particularly hard to drive and my previous 250DR had no trouble at all with them for a year

Yes maybe :confused:

That spins some thoughts:

1- have you linked the 332/350s via ‘system control’ (or whatever it’s called?), as this might suggest the 332 is ‘asking’ the amp to got to standby (which would leave the light on?)?

— this is very left-field thinking!!

2- I’d check and re-check everything (errant cat in play?), and then see what happens.

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:smirk_cat: :crazy_face: :smiley:

No matter, I would still be talking to my dealer. But… YMMV…

Yes I do have the automation cables linking them all, good thought! … but I didn’t hear the click when they go into standby and the logo was still on.

No cats here (anymore :cry:)

Good luck (noting many dealers aren’t open Mondays).

I’ve had times when weird things have happened, which have never repeated thankfully!

Yes I’ll speak to them on Monday (they are open!) and will strip everything down and triple check all connections later … maybe I’ll take out the Morgana interconnect and put the standard one in … maybe that’s not a good idea … dunno!

Thanks for all your thoughts … playing radio paradise right now and it’s sounding wonderful as usual so not quite as pee’d off as I was last night!

Putting the standard leads back in seems like a good move, in problem investigation.

Please do report back, after calling your dealer. Hope they will sort you out. Either a home visit or swapping some items out, seems right. IMO…

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Yes I’ll put the standard lavender in later, I put the Morgana in from the start as it made such a positive difference on my old system it felt like I should!

The only other non-standard (as in from what these boxes ship with) is the Powerline on the pre, but that should be fine.

I will report back after speaking to them, hopefully it will be a home visit, don’t fancy the three hour round trip :grimacing:

Thanks for your thoughts, helps talking it through, the cutout during volume changes seems like it may be key … or a coincidence! :person_shrugging: