4-5 Din Options

The good news is that I got my SuperLine back from being re-capped. The bad news is that I forgot to get a 4-5 Din interconnect so that I could use it with my SuperCap.

The obvious options seem to be Hi-Line, Chord Signature, Chord Sarum T SA. Well Chord Music, but no.

Not sure if Witch Hat will make a Morgana.

Has anyone really compared Hi-Line to Chord? Hi-Line is a bit more than Signature, but quite a bit less than Sarum T SA, it looks like.

Take at face value but try out True Signal Audio
They make some very worthy cables.
Nice folks as well.

Or just get the Naim stock lavender 4-5? They are relatively inexpensive (£100 odd new) and will sound great.

Hi Bart
I have SuperLine, into 252 with two Supercaps, and my local vendor got me Chord Sarum TA, Music, and SuperLumina/HiLine to test out - from SuperLine to 252/Supercap and then on to NAP250dr.
The 2x Music cables were definitely the best, but that was about £10k in two cables. Sarum and the Naim cables were about as good as each other, but Chord Sarums were just a bit ‘cooler’ for my preference, but really not much in it. I went with the Naim combo - 2nd hand SuperLumina, and new Hiline - cheaper.
I’m curious about Morganas, but not high on my list to audition yet. Hope that helps - just opinions! G

FWIW, with my old Prefix on a Supercap, I preferred the standard Naim grey 4-5 to quite a number of alternatives, including the Hi-line 4-5. Of course, with the Superline, the result might change, but it does indicate at least that the standard 4-5 interconnect should not be ignored.

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For source (ND555) I prefer the Hiline to Chord Music and Superlumina. I find both the latter lose textural detail lowering the noise floor. Unacceptably noticeable to me on strings, vocals and piano.

I’ve just bought a Morgana interconnect and am delighted with the SQ. They operate a 30 day sale or return so you will not be committed to purchase.
I would definitely give them a go as I’m not the only one on this site to strongly recommend them.


Slightly off topic but related - has anyone compared Superline performance (Serviced Supercap 2 vs Supercap DR) with standard 4/5 pin DIN?

I’m also using the standard lavender from my supercap, though I’ll admit to not trying anything else. I don’t remember buying it but neither have I ever bought anything that came with one. My supercap for the superline is on my bottom brawn shelf, where it seems happiest despite that cable lightly touching the carpet ( the Burndy doesn’t). This does give me pause about trying a hiline or anything more esoteric and anyway my vinyl replay still leaves my ND555 comfortably behind (but at least on the right track). The Lavender is cheap enough that you should get one to compare other cables against and it might just be enough.

Oops…I just bought a Naim 4 to 5 DIN black to connect SC/Superline. Not here til next week as delayed by Naim reopening, the dealer said.
As no-one has mentioned a black 4/5, have I gone and bought the wrong one? I was in a hurry - didn’t look too closely at the details.

That sounds like it could be an odd one - the DIN5-DIN4 N-Vi lead. Or perhaps it’s a SNAIC5-4 for connecting a dual rail power supply to an earlier single rail pre-amp?

The 4-5 interconnect is lavender/grey in colour. It is DIN4 at source and DIN5 (180) at destination.


Thanks Richard…so it won’t work I guess, Supercap DR to SN3?

Darn. I should be more careful…

It depends what you get - the N-Vi lead might work (backwards) but is not ideal here. You should ensure you get the correct interconnect.

Thanks Richard. I’ll go looking for a lavender I think.
Ah well, lesson learnt: don’t get giddy!

Hi, in Naim parts speak, you need a zero ten ninety four. That’s a standard 4 to 5 pin din interconnect 1.25m. The part number will avoid any confusion if your dealer orders one direct from Naim.


Thanks Robert!


Witch Hat will do the Morgana 4-5. I tried one but I was getting some noise with it so reverted to the Lavender 4-5. It’s a shame because the Morgana XLRs are very good and I wanted the 4-5 to work.

I saw your comments about that in a now-closed thread. I’m going to try the Morgana; people do like them, they are decently priced, and I wouldn’t feel bad sending it back if I dont like it as the unconditional satisfaction guarantee is part of their business model.

The part no. of the one I ordered is 00-010-0094.

Close but no cigar for me!

Do Naim not make the 4-5 DIN lavender/grey anymore? I’m hunting the auction sites etc.

Hi you should have received this:

Unless they’ve changed the cable some time in the last few months ; I’m not there anymore so can’t check for you. I bought mine in July last year.

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