4.8 update and sound quality

That is a ‘no’, I’m afraid - @Suedkiez summarizes well above

I have a hard time understanding all the various tech behind the scenes. However, Qobuz and hirez is no problem for the Nds when I use bubble upnp on my computer, then play the files through Roon. Never ever a drop out. Is it the fact that there is a computer in between, doing something otherwise the NDS would have to do?

That’s because you use bubble pnp and Roon as well, which fulfill the task of buffering the unreliable internet data rate. So the NDS gets a reliable data rate over the local network. This works

But the request was to add Qobuz hires directly to the streamer, whose buffer simply isn’t large enough,


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. o O ( You hopefully don’t do „serious stuff“ with this PC (=Win7) connected to the internet? Strongly not recommended any more… )

Here’s the gory detail if you want it!

I use BubbleUPnP with my UQ1, works a treat, very happy with it.

No I use a newish MacBook Pro with Big Sur for anything serious……

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Anyone else get “Update Failed” during the streamer update part of the 4.8 upgrade? The first two updates worked fine so I can’t see how it’s a commas/cable issue. Trying to update my NDS.


The streamer update is delivered over the Ethernet connection. You have got the NDS and the PC connected to your router?

I’m trying to update my Qute 2 from 4.4 to 4.8 using a MacBook Air (O.S. 10.13.6) without success. I have the updater downloaded on the Mac, but it doesn’t appear to be communicating with the Qute despite cable connection from Mac the Qute. Is it essential to connect Qute to router with an ethernet cable or will Wi-Fi suffice?
Any tips gratefully appreciated.
Many thanks…

Did you read the instructions about the USB device driver?

WiFi is fine as long as it’s really good. But if you are having trouble, Ethernet is better. But the first part of the update is done using the USB cable, so that’s the connection problem to solve. If you haven’t installed the driver, then there is your problem.

NDS and windows laptop are both on the same network. NDS is connected via Ethernet and laptop is wireless. Should I hard-wire the laptop using an Ethernet cable?

It’s not essential, but safer to wire it if you can.

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It should work over WiFi but if you can temporarily wire it with a cable, that removes a possible problem area.

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I had assumed my version of O.S. did not require the driver. I have attempted to install the driver but am unable to find ‘SLAB_USBtoUART’ as instructed. Where will I find this"

You really need to read the Naim instructions carefully. It’s all explained in there. If your Mac isn’t running Big Sur then you must install the driver. I see you are on High Sierra which is long out of date.

But assuming that you have installed the driver and not just downloaded the zip file, then you connect everything up and turn on your streamer, and only then, start the updater program on your Mac and select SLAB_USBtoUART in the drop down box on the first page of the updater. If it’s not listed as an option in the dropdown, then you haven’t installed the driver properly.

You must have everything connected and the streamer powered up before you start the update program. If you are already at the first screen of the updater when you connect the streamer or turn the streamer on, then it won’t work (at least that is true for the PC version so assume so for Mac too, although maybe not with Big Sur).

Another thumbs up for improved sound quality with 4.8 on my 272 :+1: In a single word, I would say it sounds more “refined” and I don’t believe it’s expectation bias :thinking:

This upgrade was much easier than previously and this time was done with my Mac mini M1 running Big Sur. The only minor issue was to temporarily tweak the security settings on first download of the update file.

Excellent Job Naim!


Updated my first version UQ in the office yesterday without a hitch, though it all felt very Mission Impossible at times. I think the sound is a bit airier, cleaner up top, for lack of a better description. Thank you Naim!

The UQ source is Roon via Sonic Orbiter Bridge on a microRendu, to a NAP 110>NACA5>Ls50’s. I keep thinking about an Atom HE for the office, but the UQ got a new $400 screen last month and there’s no denying it - for what it is, it still sounds really really good. I know the Atom would be better, but for a lot of $ in comparison (and I really don’t listen to headphones much).


I’m most grateful to ‘davidhendon’ for identifying both my lack of attention to detail and the out-dated O.S. of my MacBook. I have rectified the latter such that the former became less critical.
Successful outcomes all round; Qute now boasts shiny new 4.8 firmware and MacBook has been revitalised with Big Sur OS 11.6.
Sincere thanks…