4.8 update and sound quality

Anyone has made the update? Did it impacted the sound quality?
I will try next

Good question. If all it adds is keeping Tidal functional, then I won’t rush to do the update.

Someone on the Naim Audio Facebook group has reported improved sound quality with 4.8. YMMV.

We’re certainly very happy how it sounds, or we would not have released it. Naim legend, Roy George himself mastered this one.


I assume ‘legacy’ FW updates get the same ‘golden ears’ sign-off that current streamer FW updates get?

Edit, you have just answered my question with your edit.

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Absolutely. By a range of ‘Golden ears’.


I love that Naim still take such care of owners of legacy kit and FW - it does wonders for the brand image IMV. OK this FW update was forced on Naim by Tidal changes (I believe), but going the extra mile to check, through listening tests, the SQ is optimal on legacy kit is impressive.


We take our ‘built to last’ ethos very seriously. Where we can extend the life of a well-loved product, we will. Not always technically possible, but where it is, we’ll do it.


Come on @frenchrooster, how does 4.8 sound?

That is great to hear, and such care I am sure is rewarded with strong brand loyalty. I loved my NDS and it could only be something like the mighty ND555 that caused me to move on.

The new platform didn’t bother me, so I could have remained a NDS owner for many years longer, comfortable in the knowledge Naim would keep the FW up-to-date and functional.

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I am doing the update right now. Didn’t knew if I had to choose COM4 or 3 or 5 port.
Now it’s running. I am waiting.:crossed_fingers:

For those of us that don’t use Tidal is there any urgency with this update?

If you didn’t know which port to select then you skipped the stage of checking the device manager!

No, it’s a matter of personal choice. There are some other improvements and bug fixes, aside from the TIDAL change - as detailed in the release notes - but again, that’s up to you to decide whether they’d be valuable to you.

Thanks, Clare, I’m not seeing anything that looks like it impacts me so I’ll hold off for a bit.

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You can easily go back to 4.7 or 4.6 if you want……

Update done :+1:
I tried different options for COM port. The 3 was the right one.
All is working. I don’t use Tidal, so will only share for local streaming sound.

how could it be downgraded? in my case it brought problems that I can’t solve

I guess like me there are a lot people running an ND5XS and NDS - I have both and both with the blank screen issue.

Assume it would be foolhardy to try and implement 4.8 with a blank screen?

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As long as you can find the update file you can load it by following the same procedure you would use for a new update. So you can jump from one version to another whenever you want.


You just download the update file for whichever version you want from Naim’s website and then run that update. (I’m not guessing. This is actually what you have to do.)

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