4.8 Update for NDX

Updated my MacBookPro M1 to MacOS 12.1. Purchased a USBC to USB-A adapter, plugged in USB-A to mini cord. Downloaded the update file. Dragged updater to applications. Then this…

Naim Streamer Updater can’t be updated because Apple can’t check it for malicious software.
This software needs to be updated.

Thx in advance.

Sorry, updating NDX…

don’t know specifically, but there may be something under Settings/Security and Privacy to override it

I don’t have an up to date M1 mac, but sometimes right click over file that you want open gives other option, one usually to get around this issue. Hope this helps.

It’s all in the instructions for updating the NDX software on a Mac, just follow those and it will work. Be sure to follow them exactly.

This particular issue is not mentioned in the instructions.
By default Apple block access to any app that isn’t their own or downloaded directly from their app store for security reasons.
To work around this and open an app from elsewhere, first go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy and ensure that you allow apps from ‘App store and identified developers’. If Naim have added a developer ID to the updater this will allow your Mac to recognise its origin and it will open.
If not, Ctrl-click on the app instead of just openig it and you should see the option to open it. This last step varied depending on which iOS version you are running so may be different on 12.1.


Thanks @ChrisSU - exactly the advise @mackb3 needs :+1:

Had same issue and was unable to bypass system preferences and kept going round in circles. Got my old windows laptop and uploaded with no problem.

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How so? As ChrisSU mentioned, there is an option in System Preferences > “Security and Privacy” to “allow apps from ‘App store and identified developers’.”

It looks like this:

Before you can make a change you must click the lock (to “open” it).

Explained on Apple’s Mac support pages:

Probably user error who lacked patience.

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This doesn’t always work, I don’t know about 4.8 as I no longer have a 1st gen streamer but in the past I assume Naim had not added a developer ID to their updater as the ctrl-click to open the box that allows you to open the updater of ‘unidentified’ origin was required.

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Really?! Oh my, they should and I hope they did. We have to do it at work too for our Mac product, it’s simply a requirement if you don’t want to confuse your users, and it’s not that hard. (But maybe 4.7 preceded the Mac Gatekeeper?)

But anyway, this case is also covered in the above Apple support link, If you want to open an app that hasn’t been notarized or is from an unidentified developer. I don’t have a Mac in front of me and I am not sure if this approach changed between macOS versions, but I guess it’s likely.

Also check that you have deleted any previous updaters.

Thank you all for the direction. Gatekeeper was the issue that I was unaware of. Also, long time Naim user and forum participant and IT manager friend here in the US advised the same. I temporarily allowed the updater to be opened.

However, I went through the update then got the following…
Failed to discover the product on the network. Per instructions I went to the IP address and entered it but will not work. I use the NDX all the time and it is on the same network and frequency etc. Should I abort and start over? My Eero mesh identifies the NDX as not connected but was at 8:24 1-6-22 which was this AM here in the States.

While you do the update, you need to have both the NDX and the Mac connected to your router and with an IP address, as well as having the USB lead connected. The update is done in two main parts, the first is delivered over the USB lead and the second is delivered over the Ethernet or WiFi connection. An IP address of is not a real IP address and means your NDX wasn’t seeing your router. That “failed to find product on the network” message means it’s only half way through.

So you will need to start the update again, following the instructions very carefully!

Fortunately you can start the update again, so no permanent damage has taken place.

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As I said……

Well, the abort option didn’t sit well with me so I didn’t proceed. I was able somehow to dial in a radio station from the front panel of the NDX that miraculously connected back to the network and presented a valid IP Address (yes I realized was not valid but thats all I had). I entered the valid address and BAM the update resumed and completed successfully and now streaming Janis Joplin, Ball and Chain and sounding good.

Update guide states to perform a full factory reset. I guess that will zap all my presets etc.

Thanks again for the guidance from all.


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If it’s playing up that will fix most things. I didn’t bother for this update

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You don’t need to do that factory reset unless you have ongoing problems.


Everything seems stable and sounding good. Am I correct that the NDX can’t do TIDAL Connect after the update?