5 Year extended warranty

Pretty sure I signed up for this/registered after purchasing the Nova, but currently can’t find a confirmatory e-mail, perhaps there wasn’t one.

Does this cover parts only or is it parts and labour? I’m thinking in relation to my Nova’s new corrupted screen display (a few weeks outside 2 year warranty) which I could probably live with as it’s configured to turn off during playback anyway, but I guess I have a nagging feeling that a display fault might be the tip of the iceberg with something else causing it which could affect SQ.

I found a pertinent thread and link:

I suggest talk to your dealer (and have the serial number handy) who can check the exact situation regarding your unit with Naim. Then you can decide whether to get it fixed or live with the problem.



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If you registered your product with Naim, you have a five year warranty, parts and labour. Naim can confirm registration from your serial number. I just had my 20 month old Nova repaired FOC (faulty volume control dial).

Be aware - there will be a carriage and insurance charge. Mine was in the region of £50. I complained to Naim that if it’s a warranty repair, they should foot the bill for carriage, and while they were sympathetic about my complaint, I still ended up paying for carriage.

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Thanks for pre-warning me about those costs!

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No worries.

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