500 series owners, what would you do

Not sure i am going to like the next generation 500 series change in sound signature.

Me neither.

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… and then I woke up !


This is a brilliant question!

I’m tired, as is the missus, of my double stack system and all the cables. The more I look at it, the more ridiculous I think it is. I’d therefore go elsewhere due to Naim not having a killer integrated.

I’d buy a great two box system comprising a dCS digital source and an integrated amp from someone like DartZeel, Luxman, Accuphase.

Hopefully Naim will launch a 20-30k integrated.


I’m sure a dealer would happily sell you an SN3 or Nait 50 for that price if your criterion is cost!

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I do love the look, sound, and the fact you can have a killer system that just has one box if you want and active speakers or a two box with an amp.

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You would not like my tube source gear then. Not only do they hiss but at times the tube microphonics make all kinds of sounds. BUT and it’s a big but, my tube gear makes every other source I’ve heard sound flat, boring and lacking in dynamics and not to mention it’s exceptional tone.

Similarly I don’t mind the operational noise from Naim 500 series either because when the music is playing, it’s absolute bliss.

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Sure why not. New speakers too

I might not :wink:
And you’re totally right it’s a bliss while playing but I’m a bit tired of muting in between.

Soundwise the 500 again! Boxcountwise rather not!!!
One fraim tower with just the heads of 552, Superline and a 500 Dr would be just spot on. On top a TTor a one box streamer -that’s it. The powersuplies would be somewhere in the clouds :wink:

Have dismantled the whole system today and rebuild again. Seeing the single components of the 500 series and their build quality on the table - simply stuning. The back of the 500 is just so unique and avangarde and will become an absolutt classic by time.

Then the green lights came on and the needle hit the groove and then….:smiley:


If the box count bothers you that much, why not do it anyway?

I assume thats not the car… :rofl: :red_car:

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The value loss is too big and a Dartzeel integrated costs 40k Euro without the optional riaa. It s small for what it is.

A Vitus, Gryphon, Audionet, Solution etc. on the other hand is almost the same volume of space compared to a 4 box Naim 500 system. So what is the point? Less cables maybe.

The Naim Überintegrated is really long overdue :slight_smile:


Not sure your measuring skills are very great lol.
The 500 and 552 are 415cm in height.
The vitus sia030 is 270cm and the sia025 is only 130cm.
But it also all the cables needed and shelves that’s really the big advantage.

As for the others you mentioned i didn’t bother to look, but certain they don’t take up as much space as the 500 pairing.


Naaahh, I’m done being a petrol head. Besides, where I live, car is taxed like crazy, and that’s not to mention the annual registration fee, insurance, etc.

Hifi is a cheaper hobby, and safer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I relatet to the total volume. It is rather the depth not the hights of the other boxes. It is obvious that many of the super integrated are quite large and long.

The Dartzeel is a small box in comparision though and even fits perfectly into a middel high fraim.

Sorry just being a plonker

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I would buy the same again, I am very happy thank you :sunglasses:


Do you think you’ll ever find a way to try it at home?

An excellent dealer like yours would surely arrange that in a jiffy.

In my case this became my reality and not the hypothetical. After 15+ years with my 552/500 (including recap and DR) I actually made this move last month. After conversations with trusted Naim friends who did various demos, and my own subsequent demos, I simplified my system and reduced box and cable count. I now have a DarTZeel NHB-108 model 2 amplifier and DarTZeel NHB-18NS mk 2 preamplifier. My dCS Rossini APEX+clock and LP12 continue to perform front end duties while Kudos Titan T88’s remain in the system (new speakers are on the agenda for next year).

Consider me extremely happy with my new system. Imho Naim need to make a super integrated. I could have happily lived with the DarTZeel CTH-8550 integrated however, having been conditioned on the Naim upgrade go round for so many years, I decided to go straight to the top with the DarTZeel separates. I knew I would eventually get there so it seemed prudent to just get it over with.



Well of course if i want to………but i would need that urge from my end. Currently i will wait until it turns up and then compare to other brands. Something i had never considered too seriously.