500 system right channel not working

Yes, unfortunately. You’ve tried another lead and other DIN inputs.

It appears the RHC DIN mute relay on the ND 555 is not energising.
The DIN and RCA outputs have independent mute relays, hence the RCA still works.

It would be very unusual for a DIN lead to stop working. They normally fail when being pulled in or out.

It is an easy fix for one of our service departments. It is good to speak with your dealer and see how they can help.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


So to ship for repair any need to send 555dr power supply or just nd555 head unit?

If the US service centre has their own 555PS then there is no need to ship the PSU or Burndy leads. Your dealer can call and check.

Don’t forget the suspension locking bolts when it’s shipped.

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ND555 shipping in am to Focal Naim NA
Now I just wait……
I’ve had better Sundays
At least I think I was able to identify the problem- with the help of the great Naim forum and mr Sells.
My dealer (Tyler of Next Level Hifi) texted me while on a plane and created an RA # and helped me through the process!). Amazing dealer!
Thanks to all


Now that I am back to relaxing I’ve noticed there are quite a few posts about Naim newer streamers having din output relay failures.
Since mine is going back, how many of these relays are in a ND555?

My new system

Sounds surprising good


Perhaps u should just treat your $8 RCA cable cryogenically and call it a day!

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No need
Sounded great out of the box
I’m sure with 3 weeks of burn in they would have shown the Sarum T how it should be done


OK, but you might want to reconsider. AV Options is having a special deal, specifically on those $8 RCAs. You can get them done for a mere $900!


I lost the right channel of my system when the output mute relay on my 252 got stuck. It was repaired at no charge, even though I didn’t have a warranty.

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I lost the left channel on my system but it was a stuck relay in the 552.

It happened again not long after but I must have dislodged something in a DIN connector stripping the system down….I only discovered this after I’d replaced my AV amp. Neither my dealer or myself thought it would be the lead !

I just hope my problem is the ND555 and not the 552.
Since I tried different Din inputs on 552 and the problem persisted and the fact that all worked well with RCA connections on both streamer and preamp- I would think problem is streamer.
Already shipped ND555 so if it is 552 that would be bad…

I think you’ve got the right one. Mine failed with two different sources so it pointed us to the 552.

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These relays are becoming a right pain for naim

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You’ve tried the ND555 RCA output to 552 DIN and this worked then the fault is with the ND555 DIN output, have they given you an ETA

I agree Dunc these stuck relays appear to be a right PITA

Thanks, HiFiman, do you know who many of these Din relays are in a ND555? Just the one??
Using Naim since 1989- first time I had a significant problem (other than couple of transport failures in CDS 2).
Have now idea how low my streamer will be away. Hope does not take months.

I’m not sure how many relays the DIN uses maybe one for each channel.

This thread has prompted me to bypass the ND5XS2 optical out to Chord DAVE and connect my ND5XS2 direct DIN - DIN to my 552 whilst its still under warranty just in case I have a relay issue!

Fingers crossed for a quick turnaround David and for the unit to be repaired in the US.

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Not sure if you mean the ND5 XS2, if so, maybe this helps!?

You can just make out the labelling, 4 relays, 2 each DIN and RCA, one per channel. As you might think actually :slight_smile:

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that is helpful.
Will need to check with Focal-Naim NA whether they just replace one or both of the relays.
Would assume only one is broken (the right) since only right channel is missing.

Almost certainly just the one….they are more likely to fail when new🤞🏽

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