552 First Impressions

The only time I have heard a 552 before today was at the Bristol Show several ears ago in a totally unfamiliar system.

My dealer installed a demo 552 today in my system and I’ve been listening for a few hours it is just superb and the icing on the cake in my system.

Whilst you read other people comments it’s not until you hear one in a system that you have listened to for hundred’s of hours that you realize just how good the 552 is.

After about an hour the deer asked what I thought of the 552 I said you carry the Supercap to your van and I will bring out the 252 deal done.

The 552 in question has hardly had any use due to the lockdown restrictions it is just like brand new very pleased indeed.

One thing I have looked at the Manuel but cannot fathom out how to adjust the balance using the R Com any Ideas, if not I will ring the dealer in the morning.


Glad it worked out well, it is a bit of a beast. As for the remote……my dealer used it to set up the inputs……never used since and batteries removed. Perhaps someone else can help….but just enjoy👍

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I remember getting a demonstration 552. Told the dealer a week later I didn’t want to let it go


You cannot adjust the balance with the rcom.

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That explains why I could not find it in the Manuel.




A slap round the head for that one :wink:


552 is fabulous it will improve further give it another couple of months…and it will really show something…enjoy!!!

The first time I heard a 552, I heard the musicians playing the music and not the system playing the music. The vocalist was in the room. The instruments had timbre and resonance that I had never heard before. It’s a remarkable amp, although it should be for the money. I used mine with a 300 and was very happy with the result. Until I heard it partnered with a 500…

Congratulations. This will just keep giving. First off, it has given you is a brand new music collection.


You should have a standard Narcom included for other lesser used functions not covered by the R-Com.


My 552 has been in my system for so long I cannot remember the exact date it arrived.
Coupled with a 500 and both DRd I don’t feel the need to go further.

IMHO, the RCom is pretty, but should stay in the box for resale. The Narcom is more useful and practical.



I use a 552 with a 300DR and Kudos Titan 606’s as well and it is fantastic. My front end is CD555 as I am an old timer! I dont know what speaker cables you are using but I found that switching to the Kudos cables made a big difference. Enjoy your 552, it is marvellous!


An excellent description of the 552 indeed, still shocked at the uplift in the system that the 552 has made.

It is a demo unit from our local dealer but as Iain said during the installation it is barely used due to the Covid lockdowns so probably not yet up to it’s full potential.

I’ve been using S/L speaker cables and interconnect for several years completing the full loom when I upgraded to the 300dr.

As you rightly said the 552, 300 combination into the T606’s is a fantastic combination the extra control of the 552 has taken the system to another level.


The RCom is a really nice thing to use. The weight of it reminds you that you’ve invested in some quality kit!

I bought a used one when I had a 252 but then ended up with 3 when I changed it for a 552 & a used CD555. Sold the one that came with the CD555 though.

If I’m using the CD555, then it’s the RCom as it has the lid open button on it but vinyl, I’ll use the standard remote.

Boys and their toys eh? :grinning:


Tim, whilst I have only had the 552 for a few days I can well understand your comment.

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I’m thinking about my next move soon. A 552 is in my mental orbit just now…


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It’s a no brainer Graeme :grimacing: ATB Peter


Skip the 552 it’s an overhyped bag of bits go straight for a Statement.