552 First Impressions

Thinks for a minute and….no.

TBH this is the first time I’m in a position to afford a 552 (S/H) but strangely I’m really questioning whether I should take the leap.


Personally I would love to own a 552 and if you’re thinking about it’s just a matter of time especially if the funds are ready…

I’m currently running 282/HCDR future upgrade is to skip the 282/SCDR and call it a day with a 552.


I went from a NAC 282 to a NAC 252 then to a NAC 552. The 252 was a waste of time. The 552 is THE end-game 500 level device. I thought that about the ND555 but it turns out it’s the 552.


Buyer‘s remorse? :wink:

He hasn’t bought it! Yet… :wink:

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Regretting buying a 252?

I have never listening to a 552. Beyond my humble 282, I only had a chance to hear a 252 and Statement pre-amp. The 252 was partnered with Kudos’s 707 (an active set-up — awesome!) and the Statement had be done combined with some large Focal speakers. The latter wasn’t really tempting — not that I could afford it… But taking the gist of this thread, I better don’t listen to the 552 with the right speakers…

When I read statements like this I often wonder how a lesser preamp say a 282 would fair with the same kit.

I am pretty sure it would sound terrific as well – Kudos, in hifi shows (when these were still done pre-Covid…) have been using an SN3 in an active set-up (606, I think), and a few folks reported that it sounded rather good. So, surely, our beloved 282s would cope with active. :grinning:


Hi Richard, my dealer is dropping in a Narcom for me to use evidently the 552 is no longer supplied with this remote ?

I don’t know. Probably best for Naim to advise. I doubt it though - there are certain functions you can only do or adjust with a Narcom so it wouldn’t be very sensible not to supply it.

According to the Naim website you just get the R-com.

Gaza, I did look at that but also some dealers are showing the Narcom as a purchase but stating that the 552 is no longer supplied with the 552.

My dealer will drop one in the next few days FOC.

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OK, thanks Gazza. That’s a shame, if so.

I have both. Curious as the standard remote was able to reprogram the input mapping.


I guess for most the dealer sets the 552 up, and the customer never or rarely needs one, but yes a shame.

These days you can use the R-com to go into program mode (press and hold PRE). You don’t get balance control though.


The first time I heard Kudos Titans (they were 505s) they were driven by a 272 and a 300. Don’t know for sure if had a 555ps in the 272, but they sounded absolutely bloomin marvellous


He has now :hugs:



To be honest, the plastic remote (narcom?) is more user friendly than the cast one (R-com?) anyway. I tend to use the lightweight plastic one most of the time, while the heavier one sits on the end of the sofa, largely unused (same as the ND555 remote).

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