552 Going in for a service... what should I get on loan?

So… my 552 has what some have speculated is a faulty mute relay… anyway… it’s not working. I’m taking it in tomorrow to have the dealer send it away to get checked.

I could borrow either a refurbished Supernait 2… or a 272. What do you folks recon would give me more listening enjoyment? The SN2 would be partnered up with my NDX 2… the 272 would be partnered with my 300 DR.

No contest at all. Go for the 272 to partner with your 300DR.

If you’re a party animal at heart, get the 272! Without a PSU upgrade, I found the 272 to be unrefined, and not something I could live with long term, but load of fun. If it’s refinement you’re after, go for the NDX2/Supernait.

Apparently Chris parties more than me. But I still go with my choice.



Which will give better results for vinyl replay?

Not the NDX2!

So obviously the better power amp is the way to go, as the 272 preamp is probably not so much better or worse than the SN2 preamp.

This isn’t a difficult decision. The SN2 is ok, if you like that sort of thing, but the 272 and 300DR are brilliant together.


Anyone would think you’d been listening to that combination recently!

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Go for the 272, it’s anyhow a short period I assume.

Once the loaner 272 is in place you will probably sell the 552 :wink:

With the SN2 and NDX2 you can run the 300’s of the SN2 anyway, so you could try that?

Well it’s funny you say that… I’m leaning towards downsizing (life changes… divorce… yada yada)… am looking at this trial as a way to see how much, if at all, I’d miss the 552. I’ve been reading these forums for a month or more trying to decide between SN2 or 272… so now I’m going to get a chance to give one or both a spin.

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Eager to hear your take on the 272 vs 552. Downsizing is ahead for most of us eventually, and it is not entirely without cheerful trade-offs.

Sorry about any bad patches in your particular journey.

Best of luck.


I may actually have been doing so very recently, as it happens. You must be psychic HH! Mind you it was an eclectic mix of music…



Sorry to hear that life is getting in the way of the music. Hope all goes well.

One thought - if considering downsizing, why not loan a Nova. Ok, it’s a big step down from where you are but it may be a useful pointer to how far you want to go if you do need to downsize.


Enjoy your set when your NAC552 comes back.

Meanwhile Nait 3 :slight_smile:

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The 272 would be less hassle to install as it’s simply a matter of plugging in the sources and the din to XLR leads, whereas the SN2 involves the speakers as well.

Back in the day I had a CDS3/552/300/SL2 and these days I have a 272/300DR/SL2 and the two are not so very different. On the other hand, given that you have a new NDX2, the SN2 somehow seems a more logical pairing. However, the 300DR is an extraordinary amplifier.

As it’s only a stopgap it really doesn’t matter either way. By the time you come to downsize - if indeed you do - there may be other options available.

Surely you mean NAIT or NAIT 2 Chris…

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I thought it was time we had a new cult product from yesterday :slight_smile:

Fair enough. Good choice. Or maybe the rather more self-effacing NAIT 5…

I like it, now you’re talking!