552 preamp

552 vs. 252 …Watch “ Scient of a Woman” with Al Pacino…that movie is all about the difference between 252 ans 552 - Dancing tango with a beautiful woman, (Guessing her perfume )drivning an open Ferrari, dining at a very good restaurant, drikningen Jack Daniels… - and please pay attention to his end dialogue -it is was life is about - Integraty…

I by the Way only have NAC 252, but a lovely wife

A 552 is loke a 252 bit woth a spill chicker.


Hi Guys, I finally got a 552. I have been looking for a used one for many years and it was really rare in my part of the world. So really happy to find a really good unit from a trusted friend and I was able to very quickly sell my 252 on also. Quick question. This is my current configuration.

Left stack

Right stack

I do have some spare fraim. Would it be beneficial for me to add on one more tier to each stack and leave a blank between the CDS3 and 250DR and also the LP12 and 552. What’s the general consensus? I know I can try it out since I have everything available with me, but just want to get some comments.

What’s the big dark secret, to connecting a Burndy and also a SL? I’ve done the dance of the Burndy and cracked myself in the nuts with it a few times but it still doesn’t seem to hang the way Naim suggest it should.


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Most would want the cd player on the “brains” (your left) stack. I’ve never owned a CDS3 – maybe the way the lid opens means it can only live on the top shelf??

I’ve had a turntable directly above my 552 for a while now; not really tempted to try an empty level in between. My test – select the turntable as a source and with no record playing crank up the volume. I hear silence.

Exactly that!

Hi silklee, the 552 head thrives on some free space above it :+1:t3: ATB Peter


Well it wouldn’t if you’ve cracked yourself in —-

Same here two shelves down and no automation…sounds great…but not on Fraim… No empty levels though…sandwiched between ND555 and Nap500… The theory is there are no dirty great transformers directly above or below it…

Cricket protector/box recommended when swinging the Burndy !


Didn’t know Naim offered such advice!


Ho hum. Very good, hold me up etc. I’m not sure how Naim would have documentation etc on the way my nuts hang but if my v slightly ambiguous statement allows for a few response of that nature, fill your boots I suppose…

Anyway. I wonder if IvdZ or anyone else could expand on the mysterious techniques involved in correctly sorting out a Burndy. The one that runs from my PS to preamp wants to hang the opposite way up. I’ve done the swing etc but as its natural fall is opposite to the orientation of the lugs in the connectors it’s tight and flexed, not hanging loose the way Naim suggest it should. Tbh if it’s that important Naim’s wiring jigs and assemblers should ensure that the cables lie in a way that it always falls naturally.

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Can people say that maybe more people prefer 282 to 252?

The way around that problem is to use longest posts on the Fraim shelf which holds your CDS3. That’s what I do with my 555CD player. I have 2 Fraim stacks but 3 sources: turntable, reel to reel, and CD555, so I had no choice but to place the CD555 on the second shelf, under the R2R.

Anyone could say it, but whether it’s the case or not, I couldn’t say. More important is what you think . Me? All other things being equal, given the choice I’d have the NAC252, unless I needed to save some money.


Still remember the first time I heard the NAC 252/Supercap/NAP 250 combination back in the day. Magical!


Having read many comparisons between the 282 and 252 on here, the majority favour the 252. I certainly did when I upgraded from a 282 to a 252 following a lengthy home demo.

Disclaimer: YMMV


I think it fair to say that few on here say they prefer a 282 over a 252. A 252 over a 552. And once people have an S1 pre, the 552 is now in the shadows. Spending more, should bring more. If you can see/hear the value then crack on. But you have to hear the more expensive model to tell. But only listen to it if you can afford it.


With mine I went along the length of the burndy cable (not holding or stressing the plugs) and every few cm I flexed it around. You could feel the internal conductors freeing up. Once this was done I dressed the cable, again not holding or stressing the plugs until the plugs were in the correct orientation for their sockets. This involved a bit more flexing/bending/twisting of the cable. Once in the correct position I then swung and rippled the cable holding the ends (not the plugs) so when plugged in it is under no stress at all.

Hope this helps

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And what do we tell any chance observers of such behaviour?