552DR ordered and LP12 upgrades

Hi everyone,

I have pushed the button on a 552DR 2017 model, and a number of LP12 upgrades.

I am going Klimax spec on the LP12. Have ordered a machined black Radikal 2, Ekos SE and Keel.

Been through a tough time battling cancer of late. You all knew I’d make the move as I have been talking about it for ages.

Have arranged to part exchange unneeded kit at reasonable prices.

The only other thing is should I upgrade my cart from Dynavector XX2 Mk2 to Kandid. I can get a used Kandid for £1500 with 100 hours on it.


Get the Kandid Dan, it’s a beauty , I have on both my Sondeks


It’s a good deal. Just made an offer on the Kandid.


Congratulations, Dan!
After all you’ve gone through, and with such radiant positivity, I’m made up for you.

I know you will, but…enjoy!

PS second the Kandid, lol. It’s industrially ugly…but gorgeous!


Does it mean that you are feeling better now ? I hope so Dan.


I’m smiling for sure. Paid the deposit. Just waiting for installation date. They are travelling several hundred miles!

Imagining how my new set up will sound!

I am so excited. And yeah! I deserve this.


Thanks. I appreciate your support.

Smile on my face eases everything else. I’m gonna enjoy this new kit!

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As you said, this is what we expected - fantastic news! I’m very sorry to see on the other thread that you have been having a hard time recently, but such hifi and musical pleasure will reinforce your amazing resilience.


Thanks Clive. I feel elated. The full 500DR system with full Klimax LP12 was once an unachievable dream.

I am now making my dreams a reality. Looking forward to install, needless to say.

The Naim, LP12 journey hasn’t been easy. Lots of searching and buying things used to get the system that I want.

I apply this to everything in life. Go for what you want. Whatever it takes. Make it work. And never ever give up!


Bought the Kandid £1400. Another deal done. Boom!


Congrats @Dan_M :+1:

Your music brings such a lot of joy in your life that is better than any medicine. Enjoy your system. All the best for you, Dan :blush:

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Thanks @krautnaimie. It’s the best medecine. Blasting system right now! Loving it.


Crikey, enjoy your system whilst you wait, and thoroughly enjoy the upgrades when they arrive!

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Hope your deck gets a good dealer setup.
Super source. :wink: :+1:t2:

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I am sure they know what they are doing. They are a known dealer on here. And have done really well on prices. Home installation so will be watching them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was talking about your health. Is it better now ? But glad for you that you enjoy having bought the 552 also.

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I am taking time out at moment. Rare time off work and I am enjoying it! Am taking silly amounts of antibiotics so difficult to tell. Arm pain has gone down so hopefully on the mend. Feel groggy feom so many antibiotics.


I reckon Dan when you are fit and well we should have a Naim forum visit to yours to hear your kit :grin::sunglasses:

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Good news you have got the upgrades on the way. Also think it is a wise move to take a break from work and pleased to hear you are enjoying it. Fingers crossed the antibiotics are now working and the pain continues to go down.

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We can get a few of us together and have a party!

A Naim HQ.visit is provisionally planned as well.

Need to let the dust settle. And I am in store for a liver resection next!