552DR ordered and LP12 upgrades

Great upgrades Dan. I look forward to reading your posts on how you feel the changes sound. I’m at Cymbiosis this Saturday to hear the Tangerine version of the LP12 against the standard Linn version. Keel/ ARO/Geddon already bought.


Fantastic! I look forward to seeing how you set it up on your system.

I wasn’t going to go for machined Klimax Radikal 2. But I thought that if I went for Akurate I would always hanker after the Klimax version. Best to do things in one hit as it costs less and makes things better straight away.

I have got everything used at considerable saving. And it’s all fairly new. I was surprised at how good dealers prices and part exchange values are.

I guess things are tough for hifi dealers right now.


Great news Dan. You’re in for a treat! :+1:

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Pleased for you Dan, you will not be disappointed

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I am looking forward to it all! It’s going to be quite full on with all the upgrades at the same time. 552DR will do alot and the LP12 upgrades are quite massive. It’s like going from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds.

I have listened to Klimax spec LP12 but in my own home and system it is totally different!

And 552 DR will take a bit of time to settle. It all will with cable adjustments.


Thanks @Buster. I can’t hide my excitement. I cannot wait for installation!


Fantastic. Be prepared for the “wow” moments to come at random. I still regulary put something on with one of my two sons and we’ll all say “that sounds amazing on this”. Helps that we play an eclectic mix of stuff and they often put something on I’ve never heard before. Enjoy the Music!

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I know it is going to sound incredible after a few weeks of settling in.

I don’t know what I am excited about more. The LP12 or the 552?

I guess it’s the LP12 as I have had it for about 8 years or so. To get it at Klimax level is massive.

The 52 is recent addition so am moving swiftly on that front. Going from 82 to 52 the difference is substantial but I think with the 500DR now, the whole system will really sing with a 552DR.

Otherwise it will be Statement S1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You took the words out of my mouth. :joy:

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Which ones Steve? :thinking:

The S1. I hope for the sake of your bank balance , one doesn’t appear on eBay any time soon. Seriously though, enjoy the upgrades. You deserve them! :+1:

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Of course the 552 will benefit all your sources, so maybe that will win? I just had my nine year old 552 serviced and the improvement is massive!

Are you going Urika too? It works very well with Kandid.

I think the 552DR is enough for me.

The system sounds wonderful right now. The new upgrades will take it to an entirely new level.

The secondary source is well balanced as well. Perhaps an ND555 with 2 x 555PSDRs will happen at some point. But the NDS into ND5XS2 555PS works very well.

Maybe some tinkering with cables. I already have superlumina interconnect between 52 and NDS.

The system is done. Cabling is good. Mains good. Great power block.

Sure I can experiment with cables but everything else is covered. I can perfect cable dressing.

But going forwards intend to spend money on more vinyl and will enjoy system as it is.

Afterall, this is the point I dreamed of!


Not going Urika at moment. Happy with my current phonostage. Sounds amazing. It’s a £5k phonostage but bought it used for a fraction of that. Very happy with it.

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You’re not thinking “Statement” already :roll_eyes:
I’m pleased for you Dan the 552DR will open a very large music window.

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I considered Urika but thought better to keep it separate as once done it’s difficult to undo the Urika. And being on top of 500PS thought better to keep as it is.

Am also considering Superline or other phonostages in future.

But tbh what I have is fantastic!

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No way mate. It was a joke! I can’t do that. Maybe if someone dies and I inherit the earth!


And why are you waiting to take a 500 dr? :joy:

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Not completely satisfied with the Mastergroove ?

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I am very happy with it. It’s The Groove + SRX power supply.

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