5Pin Din to 2 RCA cable

I would like to order a cable to connect a headphone amp to a tape in/out socket. Is if sufficient to simply specify Din to RCA rather than RCA to Din in order to identify what I need? I have read something about specific pin numbers somewhere on the forum but I can’t find it. I tried to take advantage of the clear info on the Flashback Sales website only to find that the owner Dave has sadly died recently and the business has closed.

It requires connection to the REC OUT pins rather than the PLAY pins. This pic shows the difference - look at the Tape, AV, AUX1 input/output vs. the CD, Tuner, AUX2 inputs.


Richard, are the pin outs sequential for DIN. I.e. is no 1 say top right with no3 at the 5 o’clock position?

So you’d need connection to pins 1,2 and 3?

This image from Sound on Sound shows the standard numbering scheme for interconnect DINs.

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Custom lynx sell exactly what you need. Search for this:
Custom Lynx – Neutrik – 5 Pin Din Plug to 4 x RCA Phono Plugs (INPUT & OUTPUT) – B&O, NAIM, QUAD

Great, thanks. I thought there was some buggeration involved in the pin out numbering!

I have a low quality version of this cable now and was looking to replace it with a better quality version. I was also looking to dispense with 2 of the RCA plugs as only 2 are used in the headphone amp

I ordered a 5 Pin Din Plug to 2 x RCA Phono Plug cable from Custom Lynx but it does not pass any sound to the headphone amp. It has a direction arrow FROM the RCAs so I think it is the wrong cable. I have contacted the supplier for clarification

It sounds like you ordered a standard interconnect (for sources) rather than a special one that takes the record out.

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Thanks, do I need the cable wired to 2, 3 and 5?

You do.

2, 1 & 4 actually - the graphic posted by Richard is wrong

Is it?
Seems right to me.

The rca should be connected to 2,3 and 5 in the din plug so when it enters the socket , it goes into 2 3 and 5 as indicated on the rear of the amp

Absolutely right. When placed side by side the two diagrams are mirror images. If it was on a piece of paper and you folded it in half, the 3s and 5s would match up.

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Here’s a close-up of a Preh DIN male plug (same brand used by Naim) showing the side you solder the wires to - so when plugged in the back of an amplifier, the left-hand pins 3 and 5 are the channel 1 and 2 INPUTS.

To drive a headphone amp, you need the OUTPUTS which are the right-hand pins 1 and 4.

The diagram from Sound on Sound does not specify if you are looking at the pin or solder side of the male and female connectors which is why it is easy to get confused.


So I need to order a cable wired to pins 1 and 4 with 2 as the -ve?

Why would 1 and 4 on a plug go into 3 and 5 in a socket?

No, you don’t. You need them wired to 2, 3 and 5. Richard is wrong and is confusing you. As I said, it’s like a mirror image. The safest thing is to show whoever is making the lead the picture of the back of your equipment.

They wouldn’t.

Yes, that’s the cable you need