72 with 2 hicap

Does anyone know if it is possible to connect two hicap with 72 and 160? Thanks

Not in a ‘from factory’ configuration. A standard 72 can utilise two 24v rails, so a single Hicap will be more than enough.

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If you want to be fancy, try a later hi cap dr. But 2 hi caps is a no.

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Sorry, cant be done, just 1 is enough

Hi! Thanks, what Is it an hicap dr?!?

One with discrete regulation.

A power supply uses regulators as final stages to output the most precise 24V to the circuit. Naim has long used LM317 regulators, an old integrated circuit with a simple implementation. Around fifteen years ago they developed discrete regulators, meaning a circuit made with single components, obtaining a more precise V output and much less floor noise.





Naim DR.

A HiCap has two separate lines of 24V with two regulators.

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In theory, the 72 (and every other naim amp) should sound better with a DR than a non-DR hi cap. That said, I have access to three 72s and two Hi-Cap DRs, but have never connected a 72 to a Hi-Cap DR.
Some will say the 72 was designed to work with a non-DR Hi-Cap. Although I think “design” is a stretch. The olive Hi-Cap was the best Naim could produce at the time.


Only my personal experience.
I had hicap non DR. I also had a DR hicap, on my nac 72 it’s better. Take the time to live with DR several days, then listen with hicap non DR you can choose serenely. I also have a Super-cap non dr; in my opinion it is better than hicap DR, but I prefer my Super-cap DR with 72.

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It’s curious that there’s more than a few cases on here where the accepted view is either that a DR power supply better matches DR era components, or using a DR power supply on the XS and SUPERNAIT integrateds excessively livens the sound up.

I too would have thought that a quieter, possibly more responsive power supply could only be a good thing. And that “designed for” could well be a euphemism for “voiced for” or “fortuitously sounds better with”

Not doubting anyone’s listening experience, but I am interested in what people think underlies some of those listening experiences. Possibly not for this thread though, so sorry to the OP for my post!