A big 'Thank You'

…to all the people who sorted out the cookie problem on the site!

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Were there cookies to be had ? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

You mean this one? :frowning_face:

Had it pop up this morning ??

Are you still getting it!

Could it be fixed for PCs but not for tablets?

Yes, I get it on my PC and iPad every time.

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Looks like I was premature then, so why has it stopped on my PC (Win 10 Pro / Firefox 77.0 64 bit) despite there having been no updates or other configuration changes in the last few days?

I use a Firefox browser on Windows 10 on a Thinkcentre PC - it says Intel Core i5 vPro on the badge.

The Permissions clicky thingy still comes up every time I open the forum.

Still getting it on my iPhone 7 Plus, I’m afraid.

Yes, on Firefox/OSX

Had it a couple of times recently - iPhone and iPad.

Never had it on my MacBook pro laptop … aren’t you guys special …

Don’t get it on my Windows 10 Pro PC/ Microsoft Edge, and haven’t had it for a while.

I did get it on Firefox until I upgraded to Firefox 77.0 (64 bit) a short time ago.



I’m still getting it on iPad and iMac. iPad latest iOS, mac had OS upgrade yesterday. Happens about every third or fourth login.

Me too, but not every days. On IPad Air 2.

I’ve had it on my MacBook, there is no exceptionalism for Mac.

We are all in it together

After many weeks with no sign of it, I had it yesterday. It happened when the internet went down, then half came back, then went down again, and pages got all confused and broken, then when normal service was finally restored and everything refreshed, I got the cookie pop-up. closed it down and haven’t seen it since…

I get it now and again on my iPad, say every couple of weeks.

On the ThinkPad with Windows and Firefox, I never see it these days. But I suspect it lurks in the background somewhere. I never clicked either accept or reject anyway, and it never seemed to be a problem.