A busy day for a moderator ………

Whilst I’ve fallen foul of @Richard.Dane’s moderation a few times I do feel sorry for his whack a mole duties that are reaching a crescendo today.

Hopefully he has some decent coffee on the go, some decent music in the background and his favourite tipple ready to wind down with later.




Sending @Richard.Dane all my best wishes today. If you lived next door, I’d take you out for a few pints tonight. Have a feeling you’re going to need them!


It’s been reported on social media that nothing will be announced until the rooster has crowed 3x at the Solstice.


Can you explain me, I don’t understand what it means ?

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Thanks Sloop, I appreciate the kind thoughts…


It’s a reference to St. Peter


Thanks to you Richard for keeping us all on the straight and narrow.

Oooops. I hope it was nothing I said!

Agreed, we all owe him a pint or two but it would have to be after 2pm.

My earlier post has been ‘moderated’.

If it’s anything like the roosters here, they crow all the time🤣

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I would like to add - Mr D does pretty darn good job considering this is dedicated site - and with days such as these he must uber vigulant whilst being as fair as possible…and do you know what he strikes the right balance…so good on ya…ever thought of going into politics?


I’m sure it’s a teamwork. Don’t forget all those plain clothes moderators as well :wink:

What the NKVD!!!..ulp…

What a strange idea. Oh well. I just mean that I’m sure he has a few helping hands. Of course I could be wrong.
Important also to distribute the credit to the rest of the team

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I am still in the dark myself…

Not long to go to the 50th anniversary releases. I really wonder if there is something significant here

I thought it was already time…but I forgot about the time differance🙄. Where is the best place to look at 14:00 GMT?

Significant as in replacement for previous models perhaps.

There will be celebratory dancing at Stonehenge.