A busy day for a moderator ………

You can find info if you really want on various non uk hfi sites.

Perhaps Salisbury could arrange white smoke for new products and black smoke for “nothing to see here.”
After all, some of you seem to be getting very over excited.

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I am waiting until the “official launch” in the UK. 25 mins to go! I’ve purposefully stayed away from the potential spoilers. Soon be time to relax a little, Mr D.

While we are giving thanks and buying drinks, my wife says I have been “going on about it” even more than usual, so maybe she deserves thanks/drinks too!?

As long as they keep their kit on, it is after all January


Hmm, not sure if i like the new styling.

I saw some grey NAP gear together with Focal Speakers…on twitter somewhere…it looked a little odd…supposed to be anniversary edition??

Fugly might be a bit strong, but to me its no looker.

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Munter Award…

That’s very old news Rich. Celebrating (!) the 10 year union of Naim and Focal last year….

Yes but this is the NON TIN anniversary

It’s on naim’s website.

Its like hootenanny…this ere countdown…I have visions of Richard running around with a clock face on his head (sorry Richard)

This is live https://www.naimaudio.com/product/range/new-classic
Well not complete and with spelling mistakes …
200 series, but a power supply called the 300, how to confuse people even more.
Plus the phono stage has a very odd number designation; they could at least have called it 33.3.

There were some interesting discussions in the early hours.

Clearly some sites had been updated in advance with plausible information pertaining to the new releases - while this must be a real nuisance it was 4th Jan and I don’t think until today I’d seen any mention of the specific time of any announcements. Even Naim’s twitter feed yesterday seemed to have some ‘teasers’.

As for the sites which may have divulged infromation a little early, I assume this could be something to do with web hosting automatically changing pages on a particular day which may have caught them out?

Not long now…

Are we allowed to talk about it yet?

It’s on the Naim website

And have they got the sampling rate right for the NSC222 at 284kHz (TWO hundred and eighty-four)?

That looks extremely smart on the Fraim I have to admit.

I wonder if the marketing style is aimed at a younger demographic:

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 14.00.36

It almost sounds translated :thinking:

Do we have a problem Houston?

No detail on mine, just a picture,