A&k sp3000

Astell and Kern is introducing the SP3000, new flagship DAP :facepunch:

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Does look very nice. At $3,700, wonder what that is in sterling?

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£3799 I’m seeing in the UK. Of course some of the lesser models will be discounted.

Wow, that’s really expensive. Sometime in the future I wouldn’t mind a DAP after I’ve got my HiFi sorted.

Yes, some electronic goods will simply translate $ to £. I read about A&K but I preferred to stream Qobuz so I ended up with the fairly non-portable Naim Atom HE. A&K run Android and when I last looked it was not straightforward to download streaming apps. But I’m still interested, just not at the flagship level at this price.

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I’ve got an A&K SP2000M which I run Qobuz through. In terms of sound quality, it really is an impressive piece of kit.

However, you are right that getting the streaming services onto the device is far from straightforward. Qobuz works well now, but getting it on (using a third party website on my computer) was a bit tiresome for an IT Luddite like me!

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Thanks Andy. Looks like a nice piece of kit. Do you use it with headphones or ever use it as a source for your amp? Derek

I have just heard that in the Netherlands it will cost €4300, assuming in other EU countries will be the same … and that’s a lot of money for a DAP for sure. I will see and hear that one at the Dutch Audio Event - October 8/9…
Currently im running SP2000 and that’s a nice piece of kit… I agree!


No, headphones only all the time Derek. I tend to use it in two ways, but never with a separate headphone amp:-

  1. For late night listening for an hour in bed, before going to sleep. This is with Focal Elegia closed-back headphones.

  2. On holidays/flights using Campfire Andromeda IEM’s.

It’s really an excellent unit, the OS/initial set-up is clunky, but once it’s done, it’s great. It has excellent storage and I’ve put hundreds of Qobuz albums/playlists into an offline library, which I can play anywhere, with or without a WiFi signal.


Cheers for the thread - reminded me to dig out my AK120. Charging it now…

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Thanks Andy, good to have usage scenarios. I prefer over the ear headphones rather than in-ear for extended listening. Good to hear your views of the unit too. Derek

I also have a Atom HE. A DAP would be for use in our camper van and travel. At present for portable music I use an iPhone, IFI Hip DAC mk1 and a pair of B & W headphones.

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there is no option to download apps straightforward indeed, there is no google play store for A&K available either, therefore it needs to be done it over the computer only…

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Another overpriced dap for A&K. Having tried and returned the Kann Alpha as it did not do anything better than my Hiby R5 infact it was worse for network performance and A&K have crap app support.

Hi all I am thinking about one of these units.
I have the main rig, a NDX2,282,250DR.
I fancy something to have when the Mrs wants to watch TV and instead I just want to just lay in bed and listen to some music.
How do these AK units or SP3000 units compare with say a Chord Hugo 2 connected to your phone.

Many thanks Popeye

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The phone will give you more options, if it’s iPhone but you do get the annoying notifications unless you turn them all off. DAP is more portable than a phone and DAC but the A&K are very much overpriced you can get an equally good DAP that’s not so locked down such as ones from Fiio for far less. Try one out before committing you can get them and easily return online.

I must say having done some reading today of the new A&K SP3000, it reads very well and is something I will watch with interest as it looks like it does exactly what I am looking for and more.

I’m very happy with my SP2000.
Ok, I agree, A&K is an expensive DAP but also build solid with the best components and it plays all kind of formats, streaming qobuz, tidal etc.
I have once tried IPhone connected to the Lotoo Pawn DAP and I didn’t like that solution. Also, with A&K you have one device from which you can stream and play the music from local SD card (up to 1 TB) or rather internal memory (512gb). And if you choose suitable in-ear monitors you will have a “killer setup “ , unless if you want to pair a DAP with the regular headphones ( especially hungry ones like HD800S) then I suggest you to take look on Alpha Kann or even Kann Cube- those has a powerful amp, better then A&K ultima models .
Don’t worry about the app support, it’s maybe not the best one but after downloading what is needed you will forget about it.

I will see SP3000 on Dutch Audio Event on October 8th

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My concern with these is for how long they are supported. It’s a lot of money for a unit that I would imagine will age relatively quickly unlike a Chord Hugo2 connected to your phone.
Yes it’s a bit more bulky but the Hugo2 as a Dac and headphone amp will always work. Your phone as the source/streamer will always be upgraded every few years.

A phone/Hugo setup I am guessing will still work like it did on day one, in 10 years time. I am not convinced the A&K SP3000 will?

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