A New App

Looks like we’re getting a new app that includes Focal products as well. Stay tuned.


I just received an email about this.
I wonder if it’ll be much different under the skin and address some peoples complaints about the current app…

October 4. The day of St Franciscus - World Animal Day.


Hi Richard,

For those of us running steam driven IPhones, (iPhone 6 in my case), and which have reached their IOS limit at 12.5.6, will the existing app still be available for use?




Dave, I would assume the old app will still run on older iPhones, iPads etc. but I guess it won’t be developed or updated any further.

Cheers, Richard,

My ageing iPhone gets occasional use with the app, whenever my (slightly) more modern iPad is on charge, and which will accept the newer version of the app.

Good news all round here, then. :pray:

Thanks for the swift response.

Hi, @Richard.Dane

Might as well amalgamate this into the “A New App” thread?

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Will the “draw down” bar on the right side of the screen finally work?

Active Focals with built in Naim amp & streamer a la Kef LS60 more like it!


‘The new Focal & Naim App will continue to support all the Naim products the current Naim App does, plus some exciting new products from Focal. The App icon is also changing to reflect the app’s support for both Focal and Naim products.’

The email wording, above, announcing the new app doesn’t suggest any new Naim products in the near future to me. Other than speakers & headphones I have no idea what else Focal produce that would require app control. Unless there is a new Focal 372 on the horizon…

I am hoping that the ‘new icon’, & app name, is simply including the Focal name first simply because F comes before N in the alphabet & that there is nothing any more sinister to read into this.


Focal owns Naim….

Anyone else not want to see the Focal brand when we use Naim? Sad day.


The wording in the first paragraph hints toward something in the future, it says “so it can support additional App-enabled products and offer even more features in the future”. Seems to me that they could be saying watch this space and possibly hinting that holding your breath might not be a good idea.

Both Naim and Focal are part of the Vervent Audio group.


Yes, I am aware. My concern, hopefully way off target, is that this is the first marketing push to relegate Naim firmly into junior partner status & perhaps eventually losing the name completely & trading entirely as Focal, based almost entirely in France.

As I said, I may be way off beam, but I have seen this done at first hand when my company, along with many others, was bought by a far larger company who could not wait to erase all trace of the other companies purchased. This appeared to me to be for vanity reasons rather than any good commercial sense.


I hope there’s some real improvements and not just marketing bells and whistles.

I think that’s a big leap and certainly not what’s happening - Naim and Focal are sister brands within the Vervent Audio group. Naim as a brand is very strong, so the last thing you’d want to do is undermine that. I would guess though that Focal may be looking to release some new products, maybe even with some Naim knowhow inside?


I wonder whether the app can be skinned in either black or concrete & tin colour?


I think you are probably at least 99% correct.

However, I come from the insurance industry & my training was always to expect & prepare for the worst.

Even I did not foresee the genius in the purchasing company changing our telephone number for, no reason, 3 months after buying us & an enterprising local competitor buying our old number, receiving hundreds of phone calls from our clients, telling them how awful the new company was & that they should deal with their company. This piece of brilliant management cost us a third of our business in the first two years from the sale.

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To be honest it would seem mad for Vervent not to utilise the synergy of Naim and Focal and introduce companies both “traditional” sets of users to the other brand.

Active speakers with Naim amplification and IT inside might just be what the good doctor ordered.