A quick question on remote controls

I am currently in sunny Tasmania. Music sounds great through my old olive 82/HC/ 250 between ND5XS2 and Core and the Neat Xplorers.

However, the remote control box for the 82 didn’t make the journey and iirc it died some years ago.

To save the tiny effort of getting up from the sofa to change volume, which of the various remote control boxes should I be trying to find on eBay? Can I buy a new one for such an old pre-amp?

Thanks and Happy Christmas to all.


Merry Christmas.

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I bought a new Narcom 5 on eBay recently for £79….


Any of the Narcoms should do, from the original that came with the earliest NAC82 right up to the latest Narcom5. Also any Flash, or R-Com, or i-Com will work (OK, the i-Com probably won’t work because they were essentially a “get-you-going” unit and a bit rubbish!).


Thanks to all!

I stream with Sonos & Wimm both of which allow me to use my cell phone for remote.

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