A tale of hope. Above and beyond

Three weeks ago my beloved CDS2 died. It played fine one day, and the next day, nothing, not even the familiar “Err”. Just nothing. Symptoms were 1/4 turn of disc when lid closed and two dashes on display. Also 1/4 turn of disc when pressing play, either on the remote or on the machine itself, and the two dashes on display.

I called Naim service dept and described the problem. A nice man there told me that while they have no mechs available anymore, they do have a box of dead mechs from which they can salvage parts to repair other mechs. Sounds hopeful. Also, he told me that they have not had to bin a CDP yet for the want of a mech repair. Sounds very hopeful.

Organised the shipping and repair order through my dealer, who sent it off promptly and a mere 17 days later, let me know it had been returned fixed. According to the job sheet Naim have replaced the laser assembly, sled motor and tants. Now it is sitting in its rightful place and making sweet music once again.

I take my hat off to Naim, for doing everything they can to keep servicing and repairing these vintage players. It really is above and beyond the call of duty.

For those of you who have an old Naim CDP, never give up hope on it. Talk to Naim, and who knows…


Nice - marks Naim out from much of the crowd in my opinion. Great you have your player back


Good response from Naim. Well done.


The Naim service team who answer the phone (you never have to wait that long) are brilliant.


Another success by @NeilS and the team.


Cost though? Worth it?

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£415 inc shipping. Absolutely worth it yes imo! That money has kept a great player playing. The alternatives were all more expensive, and not necessarily as good.


+1 - from me.

And… not that expensive either…!!!

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So many bad posts re CD players it’s great to read about a good outcome. Thanks for taking the time. :star_struck:


Commendable. But it does appear to be random… fix it vs bin it.



That’s great to hear and see happen.

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What great news. The CDS2 is a fantastic player and it’s lovely to see it given a new lease of life.


Wow and wow!

This is the least expensive high quality CDP in history!

I am searching for a CDS2 right now.

Thank you very much for sharing this, it made my day.

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This is re-assuring news. I have a CDS2 which I love and is still working fine.
I know there are lots on this forum who recommend giving up CD and ripping to a CORE/NAS - which I may well do anyway - but the CDS2 just adds something.
I constantly think shall I sell it- get a CS3 or even CD555 instead OR go for a Rega that is still produced.
Whilst i stream mostly for convenience and play vinyl on dedicated listening nights - i am not ready to give up on CD. Are there parts I can buy on ebay as spares so if the worst happens someone can fix my CDS2 ?

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Great news and great service. I hope it provides years more music!

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There are parts on eBay, mostly Chinese if I recall correctly, and Naim won’t touch them. There may be some whizz kid somewhere who can fit them, but again, if it goes wrong, Naim won’t be interested.

Maybe you could buy another cd player with the same mech which you would be willing to sacrifice if the day ever came when it was necessary. I have a CD3.5 which I’ve had since new, and one day I might have to sacrifice it for the mech. Hopefully not though.

Gorgeous! Maybe someday we’ll see some naim-services CDS2s come back on the market in the future. A boy can dream.

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That is good news !

I have a CDX and saw a nice XPS power supply come up and was considering buying it. I rang the Naim service department to check on the CDX service / repair situation but they said that they could not repair them, so it put me off.

Thankfully mine is working perfectly at the moment

Glad you got yours sorted out


I read a thread recently that the basic charge for an out of warranty repair at Naim is £800. :scream:

I believe they have a hierarchy of charges depending on what you have got. Perhaps old CDP’s rank near the bottom. If it lasts a few years I’ll consider it money well spent.