A true engineering icon

3.5 seconds of pure nostalgic joy as the world’s most famous steam locomotive - The Flying Scotsman - passes close to my house this morning on it’s journey from London Paddington to Winchester and Southampton. An amazing sound too.


Is this the one which was in Top Gear?

No, that was Tornado, I believe…

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Thanks! I found that a good top gear episode.

I am sorry, but I find Top Gear to be just silly.

YMMV, etc.


I once rocked up to Oxford station to find Tornado waiting to pull a mainline timetabled service. It looked, sounded and even smelt awesome! Sadly, the train I was there to catch was on another platform.

For me, born a solid decade after the cessation of mainline steam services, it was extraordinary to see a steam train running anywhere other than on s heritage railway.



I expect HH to be posting shortly suggesting that such a carbon emitting monstrosity should be put into a museum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A harsh description of his Audi… :laughing:


When I was born, steam trains were still the norm. From my childhood, I can (just) remember the noise & smoke they made, coming into a station. And… I was scared and hated them - !!

A few years later, on holiday in mid Wales, I saw the Talyllyn Railway - and was hooked…

I am now a Member of the Ffestiniog Railway (which was the result of a later holiday inWAles) - and a Shareholder of the Severn Valley Railway.

How things change…

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To quote Bill Bryson: ‘there are thousands of men in Britain who will never need viagra as long as there are steam trains in operation’.


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