A/V Receiver for AV Bypass

Any recommendations for A/V Receivers that I can use with a Nac282/250 system that would be worth the trouble?

I’ll be using it to power a center channel (if that) and the idea is to do pre-out from this into the A/V Bypass of a 282/250 or SN3 system.

High enough quality that it is worth the trouble -

  • as compared to say Optical out from TV (which has lip-sync issues that I can’t get around).
  • high enough quality that it is overall better than airplay into the NDX2 from an apple tv (which only uses airplay as temporary speaker).

and doesn’t cause strange ground loop issues that are hard to debug.

The competition is ultimately the dac in the ndx2 and the analog out. (so losing hope here) - but it’s just voices and not music so maybe all is not lost.


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Using Denon AV here. Works well with a Nait5i supplying front speakers and the Denon powering the rest of a 7.1 set up.
Edit. I use the Nait and front speakers for streaming from a 2i normally, but a Firestick or Chromecast plugged in to the Denon can also feed the Nait with streamed or cast radio, Amazon HD etc content

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We do exactly that with the slimline Marantz NR1510 in conjunction with a SuperUniti. This allows adjustment of lipsync, provides dynamic range control for late night listening and the Audyssey processing to provide for some matching of the characteristics of the 3 channels. For a centre we use the larger of the KEF slimline centre speakers which is fixed to the wall underneath the TV - this has helped with dialogue clarity a bit.

I also have a 282/250 combination and use an Anthem MRX740 which is proving to be excellent at processing and driving front/surround/height channels.

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I thought anything from Dolby Digital Plus upwards needs an HDMI connection to avoid transcoding, so could the DAC of the NDX2 be limited by the bandwidth of a digital coax connection? In that respect, a basic AVR would be preferable as it will be licensed for all the hi-res codecs delivered over HDMI. If you are going down the multi-channel path, I’d recommend an HDMI connection from the source.

Something slim-line like the Marantz NR1711 could fit the bill but it’s one of the 2020 AVR models that has an HDMI 2.1 chipset problem that affects 4K/120 and 8K feeds, which is a niche case.

If you get an AVR and switch to an HDMI connection for your sources, then if at all possible, installing a pair of rear speakers (even small satellites) can be transformational to the movie-watching experience.

Do you use preamp out from the anthem into preamp’s bypass ? What cables and how long?

Between the NAC282 and the Anthem I use a Chord Shawline 2 phono RCA to 5 pin DIN (1 metre length).

Got it. So you’ve got the anthem next to the amp - and use a longer HDMI cable?

I’ve got the naim system on the side. So might put the AV system next to it and use a longer hdmi cable to connect with the TV.

Yes, it is all sites together, like this.

Nice! Are these the 606s? I have those too! I guess the 282/250 has enough power to nicely run the 606s in your opinion?
And hide the pics away - the naim audio stacking police will be around soon! :slight_smile:

Yes, Titan 606’s. They look and sound fantastic. The NAP250 drives them comfortably - lots of volume with the dial only a quarter of the way round at 9 o’clock. As for the ‘cable and stacking police’ on this forum, I tend to ignore them - it’s generally a load of nonsense in terms of gaining any tangible audible differences. Enjoy the music!

This is little of topic, but i was looking for surround speakers ( front kudos super 20 )
I read rel 3 D guide where pro ject box speakers were mentioned.
I bought a pair ( 200 euro new pair ) nice black piano laquer and just brilliant surrounds,
Could not be happier.


I used to run long line-level cables with ground-loop filters between my Denon AV pre and 552 with surprisingly good results.

I only needed the ground loop isolators when any device connected to CATV (TiVo, etc.) touched any part of the system.

Being a purist, I admit I would prefer shorter better cables and no isolator, but I am not sure the difference would be noticeable, based on my experience.

I have had/seen enough DRM-handshake issues relaying HDMI through AV pres that I have come to prefer connecting all players directly to the TV, and taking sound off the TV back to the AV pre, compromises and all. Sad.

This is one reason the AV-2 still appeals to me - no HDMI headaches.


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I use an Arcam AVR360 for centre and rears, my Atom gets fed preouts in AV fixed volume setting from the Arcam and this is connected to my main ProAcs for music and the left right for AV. Seamless and works very well. No ground loops.


Have you considered AudioControl Maestro? I keep looking at and reading about it. Not ready to change yet; but it is on my list. Local, sort of — Anthem+, I think.

I have an old EQ of theirs, which is excellent, of its type — mothballed for now — not desirable in the Naim context, IMHO.


Thanks everyone. Still have the AV receiver itch - but probably most prudent to just use the Apple TV and Airplay on the NDX2.

I use an Arcam AVR20 into my Nait XS3 (itself boosted by a FlatCap and pre-amping into a 250DR (don’t ask how I got there, but it works) and it sounds terrific. The included Dirac software is reasonably easy to setup/use and produces excellent results. I, too, daren’t show pictures for fear of falling foul of the stacking police, but the multi channel works really well and it sounds truly astonishing in stereo through my Wilson Benesch ACT One Evolutions. So FWIW I’d recommend going for it…

I use the Emotiva BasX MC-700 7.1 Channel AV Processor, running into a Cyrus monobloc power for the centre, then via NAC N172XS and NAP180 power for the left and rights. Rears are Ruark MR1. The Emotiva handles all the video switching well and has good tinkering ability, although its UI is a little Windows 95 in look. It’s a slimline unit at that.

Anthem AVM70 pre processor with a SN2 to power the center channel.