A Year End Thank You

Thanks to everyone who helped and shared advice regarding my first Naim system. By comparison to others my system is modest, but it performs well and I think well balanced.

Thanks again, particularly for the system automation issues.

May 2024 be a healthy year for everyone.


Isn’t this forum a fabulous place for audio and music fans to hang out and share notes.

Best wishes for 2024 to you too :+1:


…looking at your profile I can see that you have one fine system! My first Naim setup was a NAIM ND5 XS > Naim XS 2 > NACA5 > ProAC D2 and that sounded mighty sweet! …then over time the system configuration changed.

Now that I am retired I am pretty sure I have peaked and if anything may downsize if/when we decide to downsize and move out of the house into a smaller living environment.

In the meantime looking forward to another year of fabulous music!


@seakayaker thanks. In 2024, I would like to see more participation from those with modest systems or those, like myself, getting into Naim for the first time.


Before I bought my first piece of NAIM I joined the forum and used the search feature to research equipment. I asked questions and found the members willing to advice the newbie and offer some reasonable suggestions for next steps.

It is nice to read about the latest and greatest and models outside my comfort zone. (Price) My favorite thread is “What are you listening to in 2023 and why might anyone be interested?”, and where I post every day.


@seakayaker i got into Naim by accident. Our home renovation destroyed our Rega system. I needed to switch dealers b/c we needed more home support than my previous dealer could provide. The dealer suggested Naim. We listened and liked.


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