Abnormal behavior

Two weird incidents just happened with my stereo this week.

The first one was out of the blue, and does not make any sense to me at all. My NDX2 switched input while I was watching TV (optical input) to some other input. I do not know exactly which input, but it must have been tidal or internet radio, as is started playing right at once. I was quite quick to mute and swich back as the sound is much higher on any other input than my TV and it was late. Has anyone experienced this? What is the most probable explanation? (I’m thinking someone else is on my wifi network with a naim app?)

Second thing, I powered up my 300 a bit too soft and the power button did not go all the way in, and jumped back out. I had to give it a push with more force as it powered off immediatly. With a more determined puch it powered up normally, but within one minute it died. Lights out and everything. I thought it would have to be the fuse. But I powered everything off, took out all wall socket power cables and waited for a few minutes. I then powered everything back up, and it did work perfectly normal. I think it is weird that it went black without me having to change the fuse. Anyone experienced similar?

Your NDX May of had some sort of light or sorry is it FM transmission now? Or like you say wifi interference give it a little instruction, the light may of come from a cell phone or sunlight. As far as the 300 not sure. The whole issue could of been a power issue with your mains supplier.
I wouldn’t worry if all sounds well now. Obviously if it does it again that’s something you will need to look further into but I wouldn’t imagine it’s the Naim boxes fault simply because they both had an issue.

Does anyone in the neighborhood uses Naim ?
Or does anyone on the family toyed ( without your knowledge) with remote and or the app of phone/ iPad?

They faults are totally seperate incidents, in my opinion. And only the 300 incident could be related to power.

I live in the middle of the city, so I cannot know what the nearby household has of equipment. But no one in my household have the app installed and the remote was lying on the table right in front of me. My phone as well.

Strange indeed. Try to pay attention to eventual small faults that may occur. One time isn’t enough to make a judgment because there’s no pattern

For the NDX2, someone would have to be in your wifi network to control it with the app. If so, you have bigger problems than input switching :slight_smile: I is very unlikely though if you have set up wifi with WPA2 encryption (the default for ages) and a useful password. I’d more likely put it down to a glitch in the NDX2.

In any case changing the wifi password is easy on your router, just some inconvenience to the allowed wifi users to input the new one.

For units with IR remotes like the pres, stray signals from other remotes or light sources could trigger such a thing, but not with the NDX2’s Zigbee.

No idea about the 300. The only internal protection that I am aware of is the heat protection. But maybe there is something else that you might have tripped and that reset itself after a while?

Have a search for power switches, sounds to me like it just wasn’t engaged properly.
Eg Naim NAP 300DR won't stay powered - #6 by Xanthe

Ref ndx2 if anyone has ever visited and used their phone to play Spotify for example from your ndx2 then it can happen again. Wherever they are, then can accidentally play music selecting your ndx2 as output.


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