About to tear down and rebuild system

Im about to tear down and rebuild my system in the next couple of weeks to accommodate a change from NDX to NDS. I also want to take the opportunity to move the 52PS away from the 52 and optimise power and speaker cables if of benefit. I’d like to get this done now if it’s going to be noticeably worthwhile. I have a four tier and three tier podium racks.

Thoughts and opinions would be welcome as I hate messing with a system that is working well as I always assume I’m going to break something and if I have to do this then I’d rather make fundamental changes in one go.

  1. First thing is sorting out the racks. I am thinking of the following (measurements are distance between the bottom of the above tier and the top of the lower tiers):

Top tier - LP12
120mm - NAC52 Top tier - 52PS
120mm - NDS. 120mm - 135
200mm - XPS2. 120mm - 135

Lingo4 is on a lump of wood to the side of the taller rack.

  1. I currently have 2x3.5m of NAC A5. Would increasing this to 2x5m or more be worthwhile?

  2. I currently have individual 4x std Naim power cables into daisy chained power outlets. Would a Hydra be of benefit? Or am I allowed to ask this here?

Oh, and before anyone mentions it, the XPS2 May morph into a CD555PS in around 2.5 years time as more funds become available and I feel the urge.

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If I understand your layout, I would put the XPS2 under the 52PS, with one of two 135’s under the XPS2. Then the other 135 would go under the NDS. Optimum length of NAC A5 is 7-10m, which may be overkill for your needs, but yes, 5m should prove of benefit.


What branded racks do you own?

Why would 5m speaker cable be of benefit over 3.5m(assuming the poster does not want his speakers to be 10m apart)? Are you suggesting either a better sq or an easier life for the amps? Surely there would be no detectable difference in either

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I power my nds with an xps-dr and find no need to change to a 555ps… enjoy! By maybe try your nds on your current system instead of implementing other changes- the uplift in sq will be t dt own to the awesome nds, we don’t need snake oil taking the credit!


Hifiracks Podium. The 4tier is oak veneered and the 3tier solid oak.

Afaik the older gear seems to sound better with the longer Nac5 cables 3 to 10 meters. I run 7 meters which is the sweet spot…. Apparently


Having the 135s both on the bottom tiers was my first inclination but then I thought aesthetically XPS2 would look better under the NDS. Also gives me a pure Olive 3tier rack. I’m happy to go either way but not sure whether there would be any noticeable difference.

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The usual advice is to get the Power Supplies as low as possible.
Then put the Power Amp(s) above that… :thinking:

My order is:


See… its symmetrical… :slightly_smiling_face:

(some will say the NAC should go at the top…)

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Mains cables aren’t a problem discuss here (as long as you’re not doing something daft/dangerous with them) . Third party SNAIC and Burndy cables can’t be discussed.

Back to your question, a Hydra works very well with Naim kit. Keep an eye out in the usual places for a pre loved 4 head. If you don’t like it then it’s easy to sell on for no loss.

If you don’t have one already, then a dedicated mains install is very worth while.

The NDS upgrade should be a lot of fun and make the most of your classic 52/135 combo :sunglasses:


Fwiw, a couple of dealers I asked mentioned that they use a Hydra themselves, rather than a collection of Powerlines. Naim boxes really like star-earthing.

I use a Hydra for my SC (for 52/ Superline), CDXPS (for CDS2) XPSDR (for NDX2) and 300DR.

I’d also agree with the comments that getting an electrician to fit a dedicated radial for your mains may well be a significant upgrade for not much money -it was for me.


I’ve already got dedicated mains but a Hydra might help keep things simple and tidier (heck it might even sound good) I’ll keep a eye out for a 4 head as I’ve got a 3-5week lead time on the new rack.


They are not - IMHO - expensive, new… but YMMV… :thinking:

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If Grahams reply to my query they may get a sale but you can’t order new online at the moment, you have to request more info. That was Sunday, heard nothing yet.

That is normal for them. I doubt they work on a Sunday… Give them a day or two…?


I can certainly understand that as I do the same thing myself - but I do so knowing I’m shortchanging myself on conventional Naim wisdom. But aesthetics are important too, in my book.


Its always a good time to give all the connections a good clean with Deoxit before a rebuild.

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I’m still getting through my bottle of IPA that I bought :thinking:. Hmmm, can’t remember. :grinning:

I think know the one. The IPA experiment by Glenfiddick.

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Grahams are closed on Sunday and Monday, but will be open in about half an hour iirc.