Acoustic panel

What height from floor to bottom of acoustic panel is best that’s a 1200mm L panel.

That’s a bit like asking “How wide should my bookcase be?”

i.e. there’s not enough information there to even understand the purpose of the question let alone answer it!

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Personal situation may dictate to some extent , but as an example my 1200mm panels which are wall mounted are 15" from bottom to floor.

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Reason why I was asking I had mine to high about 24 inches and we dropped down to 12 inches above floor the bass is alot smoother so sonically it matters in my room, not sure about other rooms.

As a generalisation (actual performance affected by other aspects of room and layout), the junction of three room boundaries is more effective than just two, in turn more than mid wall. So corner of two walls and floor, or two walls and ceiling, more effective than away from floor or ceiling. Again all else being equal it would be just as effective at top corner agains ceiling or bottom on floor.

And if the vertical room corners are not usable, corner of wall and ceiling, or wall and floor is more effective for bass than mid wall.

This is my room it sound much better with the panel behind the speaker but I might try a panels with defusion and absorbing.


It depends on if the panels are for bass trapping in which case covering junctions are more effective. Although Jesco @ Acoustics Insider recommends that coverage area is more important than positioning for bass panels.

But if they are for treating reflection points the centre of the panel should ideally be inline with ears/tweeters.

You seem to sit very near your speakers. Maybe it’s the picture, but the distance from sofa to middle center between speakers should be bigger than the distance between the speakers.


About 6 f away from speaker speakers 6f apart i am 38% into room

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Yes they are bass traps 150mm when removed the room sound bloated and bit booming.

Quite understandable :smile:

Once one understands the gains treatment brings, there is no turning back.

Upgrading gear isn’t that important anymore.

Our thoughts are directed towards : where could I place some more traps, how do I place them correctly and is she going to be ok with that ? :sweat_smile:

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Yes I agree it just take awhile to understand where to place them trail and error but I was very surprised the difference in sound quality they make behind speakers it’s more powerful separation is better. But I do have the speaker 4f away from wall.

As @Folkman said earlier, once you sorted out your first and second reflection points, positioning doesn’t really matter anymore (this is true only for porous material based “bass traps”). The more traps the better.

A good treatment should cover 10% of the room’s total surface (including floor and ceiling). But this, of course, depends on your goals.

I spent quite some time thinking how to make the treatment acceptable. My wife likes it :


Very nice room that look like vicoustic treatment.

Excuse me for getting little off topic: Is that the Magico S Series?

Yes, Magico S3 MkII (with SPODs)

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Wow. Thanks.
Two weeks ago I got in touch with Magico for the first time in my live: A colleague had “the humble” A1 at home for a demo. I still have to think about that hour in front of his system with those speakers. Very impressive.

Those S3 must be simply outstanding. Congratulations.


Hi, Does the skyline diffusion make much of a difference between the speakers and do you have difuser on your back wall.?

Diffusion between the speakers helps with stereo image.
On the back wall I chose absorption because of distance limitations.
My setup details :
The Listening Room Reality - #879 by Thomas

I find adding diffusion really depends on the sort of results you are after.

Trouble is , until you try it you will not know if the results are to you liking.

Personally having tried diffusion i found it wasn’t to my liking. So my treatment is all absorption.

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