Adding a NAP to my Uniti Atom Speaker Cables

Hi Folks,

I’m giving thoughts of adding a NAP200 into my Uniti Atom/focal906 system. I’m recently purchased chord shawline speaker x speaker cable, with banana plugs.

Would it be possible to reuse this new cable with the nap200? I only recently got this cable. I’ve read a lot about Naim recommending it’s cable.

I really could use some advise. I wouldn’t want to cause any damage or break anything. But at the same time I’m not ready to invest in more cable when the one I have is just a few month old.


Shawline will be fine, though ideally you’d use 3 or 4 metres or more.

Thanks for your comment.
I’m glad to know I’d be able to reuse my chord cable. Curious about your comment that I’d be using 3 or 4 meters more. If the NAP is on the self below and the speakers don’t move. Could you explain please.

Thanks. Jon.

Have a read of this:

The length recommendation is for Naim speaker cable. It’s possible that the optimum for other cables is even longer, but if they don’t publish inductance and capacitance figures, it’s not so easy to make an informed choice.
I wouldn’t worry too much about this, your 200 will not explode! The worst that might happen is that it could run a little warmer if pushed hard, and it may sound a little better with the correct spec and length of cables, but I wouldn’t let that stop you from using what you’ve got.

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