AirPlay 2 and More Arrive on the Uniti Range

In our continued quest to offer upgrades and enhancements to our existing product line-up, new options will be available imminently to the new Uniti owners among you.

Firstly, Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility will be enabled across the full new Uniti range - the firmware to enable this will be available within the next 24 hours. Thanks for your patience while we’ve ensured this update sounds every bit as good as it should!

Secondly, that same firmware update will enable Uniti Star and Uniti Nova units to be fitted with a DAB/FM module at a cost of £149/€179/$199, delivering an exceptional broadcast radio experience. This is available as a special order option for new units or as a service upgrade.

AirPlay 2 brings with it highly advanced multiroom audio capabilities and natural voice controls via Apple’s Siri virtual assistant.

As well as AirPlay 2 there are multiple feature upgrades in the latest firmware including the ability to turn the display off on all models, the list of release notes can be found at the bottom of this article.

Owners of the new Uniti range can enable AirPlay 2 functionality by updating its firmware and ensuring their Apple device is on iOS 11.4 or later, or using a MAC or PC with iTunes 12.8 or later.

Multiroom music made easy

AirPlay 2’s multiroom audio functionality will drastically change the way you experience home audio. This highly advanced system allows you to effortlessly stream music (or podcasts, or YouTube video audio) from your Apple TV, iPhone or iPad to your Uniti player, as well as any other AirPlay 2-enabled speakers (including Apple’s own HomePod speaker) in your home.

You can quickly select as many or as few of the speakers as you want to use in your iOS device’s Control Center, giving your scope to listen in a single room of the house, a group of rooms, or all rooms. Provided they’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network, all AirPlay 2-enabled speakers in your system will play in beat-perfect sync, making for an easy-to-use multiroom setup.

Simply ask Siri

All iOS apps with audio include manual AirPlay 2 controls for playback and volume adjustment, but the new addition of Siri integration makes taking control easier than ever. Thanks to Siri’s advanced voice recognition, Apple Music subscribers can now use natural spoken commands to request a track, album, artist or playlist, play or pause playback, skip a track or adjust the volume.

When used in conjunction with a multiroom AirPlay 2 system, Siri can be asked to play different songs in different rooms, or groups of rooms, or the same track across the entire system.

Finally, AirPlay 2 introduces enhanced buffering. Boosting both the quality and stability of streaming audio, it means compatible products will better avoid skips and drops when streaming from Apple Music or YouTube.

3.2.0 Release Notes

New: DAB/FM support (Uniti Nova and Uniti Star)
New: AirPlay 2 Support
New: Added ability to switch off the front display during playback -
(New “Display turn off during playback” setting in Naim app)
New: Support for third-party UPnP controllers such as Audirvana and Bubble UPnP

Many other bug fixes and improvements