Uniti software update is here!

just got an email confirming the update will go live in the next 24hrs…

Wohoooo, @Richard.Dane can expect a quite time on the forum, as allot of folks been waiting and will be doing allot of listening :+1:

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Yup, more details can be read here;


The introduction mentions “the full list of release notes can be found at the bottom of this article.” But the list at the bottom then lists what’s in the article and adds:

“Many other bug fixes and improvements”

I guess this should have had a link to the release notes?

Just curious because none of the advertised new features are of interest to me.

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Well the installation has run fine. Took less than 10 minutes. Display off works well and you can also switch off the motion detect on the remote. The motion detect also seems less sensitive anyway.

Initial sound impression is rather good but very early days and only tried radio so far. I’m not good at describing these things but “fuller and more integrated”. (Or a vivid imagination but I wasn’t expecting any change to sound).

Still finding out any other changes.

Okay, AirPlay 2, many options.
I am not sure if I will need Airplay 2. In the Tidal App I could use Chromecast instead of Airplay 2.
What’s the difference if only the communication between Tidal App and Nova is required (multiroom features are not needed)? For me is not clear why the multiroom is so important for Naim. I just need to make loud enough, then I have multiroom throughout the house :smile:.

Has the DSP version changed?

Wondering if they updated their Roon RAAT SDK to the latest in this update as its a few behind, not that it should make much difference but always good to be up to date in my view?

This ones the big one for a lot of users though gapless will now be possible using another UPnP controller.

New: Support for third-party UPnP controllers such as Audirvana and Bubble UPnP

Sounds better, display auto off when playing, UPnP support, like an upgrade.

no option to have just track info screen displayed then?

Good question because it’s more sensefull than switching off the display permanently.

There is a display setting on or auto off, take your pick.

5 minutes to download and update. No screen on except when you activate the proximity sensor. Fantastic!

Thought they could have toggled it via the remote - on, off, track info

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Naim have to my mind delivered what people have been calling for…i want to turn the screen off, not i want to choose what it displays. If it’s that important you should contact Naim, otherwise they will never know. They do not always follow these threads.

I did - I suggested it to them about a year ago and they acknowledged, anyway not a big deal, being able to switch it off is the main thing I guess

Hmmn…we have said when Trevor Wilson was MD it would be nice to know what was accepted as needing to be addressed, without giving too much away.

@Richard.Dane before I go into the cupboard under the stairs I assume this is only for the new range of Unitis and not the Unitiqutes?

Yes, this is for new Uniti.

How does it sound better in what way?