AirPlay2 broken on Nova w iOS 16.2

I upgraded all my apple devices w the latest firmware this week, including the upgrade to the HomeKit architecture, which precludes iOS 15 devices and earlier from being able to control Home accessories.

It appears this has broken my ability to stream via AirPlay 2, and sync music playback via my (up-to-date) Nova and HomePods.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Just upgraded my iPhone, and have successfully Airplay’d Music to my NDX2. Certainly worth a restart of your Nova and Apple devices

@GaryISL just upgraded iPhone XR to 16.2; air play to Nova no probs. Frustrating when things don’t work. I only update one control point at a time. Did you do a search before posting? Lots of comments in the thread New Focal & Naim App regarding iOS 16.*

Perhaps add which actual Nova firmware you are on, so that anyone reading this thread in the future has a reference point. It is possible I am on a different version of Nova firmware.

Always useful for peps to know which Apple devices to which you refer, together with what app doesn’t airplay. IIUC Naim streamers aren’t part of Home kit.

If you are still experiencing probs, suggest you unplug / disconnect all smart-home appliances, which connect to your iOS devices.
Restart one control point for Nova and see if airplay then works. If it does, gradually restart one appliance at a time, checking that airplay is still playing.

Thanks both.

Nova is running 3.8.1 (5437)

HomePods are now on 16.2

Plus I did the HomeKit architecture update (Some Apple HomeKit setups are breaking after iOS 16.2 update
Some Apple HomeKit setups are breaking after iOS 16.2 update | AppleInsider)

Have hard cycled several times but will remove the power cable for a while and see if that does anything

It may be you will have to await the next Uniti firmware from Naim; it will only be released when they are satisfied it meets all their criteria, so no timescale will be given.
I think I mentioned, I only update one control point at a time, which iOS is your primary control point?

Pretty much all my iOS devices are used equally to control the Nova.

Just for completeness: I did a full factory reset of the Nova and it’s now working fine :slight_smile:

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