New Focal & Naim App

We are pleased to announce that the Focal & Naim App update - version 6.0 for iOS* devices and 6.0 for Android - is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The new Focal & Naim App unites our brands in one, user-friendly app that combines the original Naim App functionality and a fresh design to support Focal’s new App-enabled product. Users can easily toggle between the brands’ universes by swiping left or right on the homepage. The Focal & Naim App continues to support all the Naim products that the previous app did, with the same configurations.

To set up a new product, use an existing one or configure it, simply tap the relevant brand’s homepage.

Users of iPhones and iPads will need to be running at least iOS 13.1. We periodically increase the minimum supported iOS version to ensure our app can make use of the latest features offered by Apple.

If you have enabled automatic updates on your device then there is nothing further for you to do, the app update will happen automatically. If you prefer to update manually then check the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and apply the update when it’s available.

Many thanks,

The Software team

*Please note that update 6.0 for iOS does not include a bug fix for the iPhone UPnP discovery issue related to iOS 16. Our software team are aware of the issue and are working on a patch for this issue.


iPhone XR iOS 15.7 - updated app, showed both ND555 and Nova playing. Exited app, then restarted app. Connected to Nova ok, then into settings (to check audio), no adjustments made. Reverting to rooms, selected manually assign room from IP - not used. Back to rooms and Nova has been spinning for several minutes. By selecting ND555 and reverting to rooms, the Nova is then connected.

In some situations networks can be very problematic. Never seen the behaviour described previously. Here, four Ubiquiti WAPs across two buildings, several switches, too many streamers some wired some wifi.

In summary, can repeat spinning streamer, with another streamer, by going from rooms to “add via IP”, then reverting without any change. Selecting the non spinning one (I have two switched on at present), returns to normal.

edit - just checked version 5.24, while the spinning is present, it only shows briefly; new version 6.0 does not cease spinning without a further action

*edit 2 - Tidal appears to default on version 6.0 to “Home” screen when selected - which may be a change since I was initially puzzled that “My Playlists” were not displayed - when I altered the settings in Tidal / “My Collection” it displayed as expected; Qubuz appears to display ok and as previously set - hope that helps.

No problems here so far, I like the images of my gear in the menu.


For me those create an “issue”. Because they are situated below the name of the device I now have to scroll to get to the bottom one, which happens to be the most used one.

If somehow the list of devices could be made a bit more compact, by removing the image (toggle in options I’d imagine), or placing it next to the text instead of below, that would be appreciated.

If that’s not possible perhaps it could at least be made possible to order the list?

Is the update available now? I can’t see it in the AppStore

Yes, I can see it. I’m in the UK.

I’m in UK too but I see only version 5.24 of the Naim app. I note that the AppStore shows “FOCAL & naim” as the title

Version 6 showing for me when I search, just checked it again. Maybe refresh and try again?

UK also, one iPhone showed a short while ago, the other with a different apple i/d has yet to show update - both on iOS 15.7

Perhaps one thing worth noting is that with font and display size both set at the smallest setting the app logo isn’t really readable.

Not something that bothers me personally, but can imagine Naim/Focal marketing might care. I can imagine they want to icon to be clearly visible for everyone, always.

I now have the new version but after the initial colorful screen I can see no difference from the old version.


That’s good, the underlying app is essentially unchanged for the moment.


The new app doesn’t seem to be available yet in the US iOS App Store. Searching for “Focal + Naim” results in seeing just the Naim app. It opens to v.5.24.

Is there a link or something for access to the update?

[edit: I think the issue stems from my ancient iPad that is now a dedicated audio remote.]

You’ll need to be running at least iOS 13.1.

Click on the icon of my Muso-2 nothing happens!

Naim should just stay out of the software business. This app has been nothing but problems since the first day I used it when I purchased my Muso 2 years ago. I was expecting something new and improved. I’ll just revert to using my 15 year old Logitech Media Server to stream music to the Muso. That works. Very disappointing. The only thing that works is the flashy splash screens for Naim and Focal!


I rebooted the Muso-2 and the app found it and connected. I still hold to my opinion that Naim should stay out the the software business. I’ll continue to use LMS to stream to the Muso and only use the Naim or Naim/Focal :wink: app to make setting changes and do firmware updates to the Muso.


Is it the new Naim / Focal app or a second one , in parallel with the existing Naim app ?

Its the new Naim & Focal app, it replaces the Naim only app

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To me, looks loke some fixes were introduced since 5.24.

Updated iPhone and iPad.

Both appear to be working fine.

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