Album Chart Dec 1976

I came across this in an old NME from

The only three I own from it are vinyl of the 2ABBA albums and a CD version of the Glen Campbell one!



Thank god for the Sex Pistols…


No Abba but Electric Light Orchestra, Led Zeppelin and Dr.Hook I bought on vinyl that year :innocent:

Zilch for me - and never had any of them.

0 out of 30 for me. No regrets about the rock bottom low score either ….

I bought 3 on that list. The song remains the same, Derek and Clive live. Bubbling under, Hejira.
Still got all 3 as well.

Great Hits were popular, there’s a couple of artists with greatest hits albums that I’ve never heard of. Who the hell is Bert Weedon.

He was a guitarist who had a couple of hits in the 60s, but is probably best known for his big selling “Play in a Day” guitar tutor book.

Sadly, it didn’t work for me, and I’m still rubbish on the guitar all these decades later. :man_shrugging:


I’ve two on vinyl, The Song Remains the Same, and Frampton Comes Alive. They got played a lot in my teens too :sunglasses:

Seems it didn’t work for him either. :rofl::rofl:


I’ve got about 4 of them, and I’m not owning to which ones. :grin:


Back in 1976 we had numbers

1, 2, 7, 10, 19, 21 & 24…all purchases by my mum other than 24 (Showaddywaddy) which was mine!

In 2024 I have just 6 & 18…

I have 5, Songs in the Key of Life, A New World Record, Forever and Ever, Chicago X and A Night On the Town, none of which I’ve listened to recently. Must fix that.

Back in the day I only had Mike Oldfield ‘Boxed’ from the ‘Bubbling Under’ section. Still have it on CD and Vinyl but not the same vinyl copy. Remember ‘David Soul’ being on the ‘Private Stock’ label! Nowadays, have 2, 9, 22 on CD and vinyl.

What surprises me is how many compilation albums there were! I guess I was expecting to see great albums by the Eagles, Floyd, ELO, ELP, James Taylor, Van Morrison, Zeppelin, the Who, Wings, Neil Diamond, Carly Simon, Sky, Procol Harum and yes Abba.

My impression of the 1970’s was that it was an era of classic rock, but that isn’t born out by your chart…


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There were a lot of “greatest hits” type albums in the 70’s, K-Tel being being the biggest culprit.
20 tracks over the two sides normally. At 10 tracks a side the compression of the groves was horrid, volume full up to hear anything and you probably needed a 30inch bass bin to have any chance of hearing some bass :rofl:

Agreed. I think it was a bit of a transition period. Prog was on the wane, Purple mark II and Zep were finishing. Then punk started at the end of the year, with Whitesnake, Gillan etc. coming later. Softer fare was also popular for a short while then like Gallagher and Lyle, 10cc, England Dan and John Ford Coley etc. which is more in line with all those compilations, Glen Campbell and The Stylistics. I am surprised ‘Breakaway’ by G&L not on that list! I remember ‘Racing Cars’ and ‘Streetwalkers’ and similar pub rock bands were popular in 1976, all pushed out with the onset of punk bands.

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We had K-Tel but they weren’t greatest hits they were collections generally to suit a season or Christmas. We all had them, our low fi wouldn’t noticed any defects and those plastic speakers would’ve picked them up anyway. :grin:

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A club I have long been a member of!

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Yes, remember these! I own up to ‘Golden Hour of Status Quo’. As a callow youth I thought I was getting a bargain as it was much cheaper than the proper albums on decent labels. Didn’t want to spend that hard earned £3.25 on ‘Blue For You’!