Album of the week (not just new releases)

Inspired by a Christmas present of a ‘album of the week’ sign / holder for my vinyl, my New Year resolution is to listen more intently toy collection.

With this in mind I plan to have an album of the week for each week this year. In this week I’ll play the album start to finish at least 5 times.

It’s not always going to be new releases but more commonly digging into the archives.

Kicking off with an album by Pale Blue Eyes - Souvenirs. Saw them support Public Service Broadcasting on their recent tour. I was so impressed I bought the record (from the merch table on lovely blue vinyl). Love the record. A bit shoegaze. Check them out if you get chance.


Any other wishing to do ‘Album of the week’ please post to the thread. :-).

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I’m intrigued by your astronaut figure.
Want one!

I wish the week lasted longer than 7 days


There he is in all his race for space inspired glory.
Got him from TK Maxx a couple of years back.

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£2 from a charity shop well spent


A true masterpiece from Spiritualized


Here is one that has been part of my listening pretty much all week. A new release that got good reviews and is really worth a fair few listens. I’d not heard of them or their debut album ‘When I have Fears’ but having downloaded that it is also very good. Both are on Tidal.

Genre; post-punk I suppose? More than a flavour of Fontaines DC on the first album (they are Dubliners too) but this follow up is slower, darker and more distinctive.