Album of the year - 2019

Still waiting for the CD release in a few days time…



Yes, forgot about them

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Much as I loved Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Michael Kiwanuka, this is the one for me: The Twilight Sad - It Won’t Be Like This All The Time

Debs, did you also catch the Iron and Wine ‘Weed Garden’ EP. A nice companion to your pick.

Sounds like a nice chilled-out EP, Bruce. Put it on my wish list for now.

I’d say the Calexico/Iron&Wine ‘Years To Burn’ album should be called an EP too being just over half an hour long. Good music tho’.

Last year Calexico released a potential superb album called: ‘The Tread That Keeps Us’ which has fabulous music throughout just busting to be enjoyed, however someone shamelessly messed up with the sound engineering; muffed bass guitar, dummer locked in the broom cupboard, when will they ever learn eh?

I can’t choose between albums from 2 major young talents.
Ese and the Vooduu People’s Up In Smoke showcases the songwriting talent, guitar excellence and fantastic voice of Ese Okorodudu with the Vooduu People being tight and driving behind her.
The Rails’s Cancel the Sun has the songwriting talents and lovely voices of Kami Thompson and James Wallbourne, and his superb guitar technique, rock songs with folk influences.


Much as I have loved Springsteen, objectively he’s not made anything to take my breath away in years. Western Skies is derivative; has little to say and, had it been put out by anyone else, may well have been derided. It’s the sound of coasting writ very large indeed. It’s also lacking in dynamics and rather bland.

These threads also seem to descend into people almost wilfully posting something obscure and expecting others to buy into the fact that, despite either no or poor reviews, it is in fact wonderful. It’s rarely true (he says controversially). I have frequently been attracted to the obscurities on such threads only to reel back in horror at purchases I could literally never bring myself to play ever again.

So, three realistic contenders. Relatively well known; definitely well reviewed and they pass that most basic test of revealing more of themselves as you come back to them. Most importantly they worm their way into your subconscious and you find yourself humming a melody line or a lyric at the most obtuse moment.



No need to slag off other peoples enjoyed artists…just post your own artists…simple.


What’s wrong with just giving us your choice rather than a rant about about other people’s choice. Also it’s funny that the ones who generally whinge about threads are the ones who start the negative slide. If you’re not interested don’t bother.


Lisa O’Neill.


For me it’s Dublin band Fontaines DC, Dogrel. Check it out on Tidal and turn it up to eleven.


Tough to pick only one album so I will give a shout out to

Better Oblivion Community Center - Self Titled

Aldous Harding - Designer

But the one I will will go with as my album of the year is:

Ezra Furman - Twelve Nudes

Damn, forgot all about Ezra. Definitely up there.

I didn’t “slag off” anyone. I offered a reasoned view as to why it’s a distinctly average choice. Are you going to argue that it’s original; isn’t derivative (to the point of blatant plagiarism on certain songs. I mean come on. Really!); isn’t compressed within an inch of its life and contains songs that you’ll be playing as far down the line as we are from say Nebraska.

That’s 4 pretty solid reasons rather than a “slag off”. If you still like it then good for you but it’s as far from an album of the year as you could get really.


Designer is great too…and I’m hoping Ghosteen will be a big plus to my year.

Still on Ese though, for the sheer joy Ese & The Vooduu People have given me since hearing Up In Smoke. Tremendous talent.

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2 of my favourites from this year.

Durand Jones - American Love Call
James Blake - Assume Form

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The OP was asking what you liked…not what you don’t like. If we all made comments like you about other people this will be a very short thread.


I could never literally bring myself to play those (except Ghosteen)


I’d have to go with the new untitled album from Rammstein
2nd is Infant Annihilator - The Battle of Yaldabaoth

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