Albums or artists that really grate on you


Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’. I’ve tried, I really have, but my god it has me diving for the ‘off button’.

Anyone else want to share their most hated?



I agree, I own it don’t get and very rarely play it


At the risk of being attack anything by Queen, don’t mind the first album but the rest drive me drink.

I’ll stay off the air for a few days to avoid the potential rage.


With you on the Queen front and also U2


Kate Bush. To me, sounds like a scalded cat.


Anything by Muse


Oh dear, can’t stand The Smiths at any price … tin hat on, sandbags up. :astonished:


Tears for Fears, UB40, Ed Sheeran just for starters. How long have you got?


An awful lot. Most ‘pop’ music, rap, jazz, modern “classical”…

But it is simple, if it grates I don’t buy!


My biggest bugbear is bloody Van bloody Morrison and bloody Astral bloody Weeks and bloody Moonbloodydance. :face_vomiting::rage:


One of my friends was a huge Smiths fan, and we shared a lot of musical tastes, so I bought The Queen is Dead on his recommendation, just after it came out. It did absolutely nothing for me, I could intellectually appreciate the quality of Marr’s playing, but the music left me cold. I listened to various other Smiths albums at friends’s places over the years, and do try my copy of TQiD every few years, but it’s always beeen the same, no connection to the music.


Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Kanye West and their ilk.
Give me Max Bygraves any day compared with that lot.


I love both albums, but many years ago at the Sound Org. in Southwark I heard another bloke having a dem. of a turntable wamting to listen to the dropping stone sounds on Astral Weeks, as that was a good way to judge the system. I went to the pub next door until it was my demo time.


It’s probably a generation thing, or simply grumpy old man syndrome, but I can’t bring The Smiths to mind without thinking “pretentious, moi?”

Oh well. :roll_eyes:


Go for it, my wife likes Ed and Kieth Urban our car trips are spent listening to the ABC (BBC) to avoid arguments


U2 with the expectation of Auctung Bay


Prog rock. Especially the deep pot noodle stuff from Yes, Rush, early Genesis and Rick Wakeman with his silly wizard cape. Thank god for Punk.


Have you had a few ales?


If you want to stay friends with forumites, don’t mention an artist you don’t like; unless its The Smiths of course. Personally I grate with Rap, the rest is a mix of mostly like & a small number of dislikes & thats dependant on artist or even a specific album or track.


Probably not a popular sentiment on this forum, but we have a rule here that when Dire Straits comes on Radio Paradise, it’s time to turn it off. U2 as well to an extent, and Coldplay a bit. But it’s Dire Straits that has me reaching for the off button possibly even more quickly than the Archers theme tune.