Albums or artists that really grate on you


Some that immediately spring to mind are:
Adele - every song about how much she misses her ex that must drive her current bloke to distraction. Mind you, the money would help…
James Blunt - should’ve stuck to soldiering mate.
Radiohead - bought The Bends then tried Ok Computer…just don’t get 'em…
Coldplay - don’t get this lot either

Many, many more…


Jack White - don’t see or hear any redeeming qualities in his playing, arranging, or composition.

I’ve tried, and I just don’t get why anyone thinks he is anything.


Ok, so my German isn’t up to scratch. It was late.:roll_eyes:


I really try to be open minded but I’m afraid I just don’t get rap and Coldplay leave me cold!


Really grate…

Bob Dylan. Just horrible, whining nasal drone. Why oh why so revered?

I am absolutely mystified that The Smiths get so much hate! A lot of the other suggestions so far strike me as bland and inoffensive rather than really horrible. Rap leaves me cold, but I think I can see the talent when it is good.



Forgive my second bite of the cherry but heres another to add the list which I’m sure will raise a few eyebrows. Diana Krall. Just plain boring.



With you 100%. Browneyed sodding girl my arse…




Like most people I have my likes and dislikes, but very few artists have me reaching for the ‘off’ button.

What grates more are those contributors who seem incapable of checking their spelling, punctuation and grammar before posting.


There there…



In general Christmas albums, country music, and U2 Achtung baby…


The Sex Pistols & quite a lot of the ‘mainstream’ punk bands - there are just a few bands that come into or come close to this genre that I do quite like eg, Stranglers, Vibrators, Ramones, & some of the Clash stuff.
The Smiths - I can find nothing whatsoever attractive about their music or Morrissey’s personality & ego
Most bands from the ‘New Romantic’ era
Almost all RAP music
A lot of modern country rock which has become so bland and regimented by comparison with some of the wonderful country rock acts from an earlier era
U2 - just never got into them
Kate Bush - really nice person, but I can’t listen to her music

Is there anything I do like? I guess that the above selection places me in the ‘Old fogey’ category, and apologies to anyone whose tastes I may have offended. .


Ed Sheeran - mainly because he is ALWAYS the first artist my other half asks her new best friend Alexa to play.


I find Country Music bother some…


Annie Lennox… her voice grates intensely. Absolutely unlistenable (IMO)



I don’t think you meant to insert the comma between “dislikes” and “but” timmo1341


Kate Bush noooo!!!


UB40, Or anything like that including Bob Marley. No musical merits whatsoever in my book. Just an annoying irritating mono cell mono tone. Music for losers Imo. Then Bette Midler and Whoopi Goldberg😱Oh don’t get me started😾
Phill Colin’s
Boy George
Cold play
Super tramp (Boring as bat faeces )
James Taylor (give me the knife or put me out of my misery)
And on and on and on…


Anything by Nobbie Williams!


Given the comma separates an introductory element from the rest of the sentence, I think you’ll find its use accords with the basic rules of grammar. That said, I like your attempt at gentle sarcastic humour!