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:small_blue_diamond:James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix Originally Johnny Allen Hendrix. (November 27,1942-September 18,1970, London).

Was an American guitarist,singer and songwriter,…known as one of rock music’s foremost iconic Guitarists.

After success in Europe,…Jimi Hendrix became known in the UNITED STATES, after his appearance at the Monterey Pop Festival 1967.
He would later also play at Woodstock 1969,…and on the Isle of Wight 1970.

Hendrix was inspired by blues artists such as…
:black_small_square:B.B. King.
:black_small_square:Howlin Wolf.
:black_small_square:Muddy Waters.

1964 to 1965 played Jimi Hendrix with Little Richards band.
He later said,…
:small_orange_diamond:"I want to do the same things with my guitar that Little Richard does with his voice."



I’ve seen Jimi five times.
First was at The Marquee in London where in a small group I was able to spend a little time talking with him.

Whilst all his albums are classics in the rock world & some tracks are a little more special, even with the best high end audio available; none come close to being at a live performance. Apart from the unique experience of being in the room & feeling the atmosphere that he generated, watching his technique was an education (for an aspiring guitarist).

Nothing much more to say really, I’ve seen all the great guitarists, some more times than I can remember, all stand alone in there own light & discussing who was the best is futile. Hendrix however was different, he was just simply a one off unique artist of his time.


I have a particular soft spot for his “In the West” album, and Johnny B Goode in particular. I think it might have been recorded at the Royal Albert Hall - so not very west …


:small_blue_diamond:Mike-B,…Whaoo,.If you’ve seen Jimi Live five times,.and also talked to him.

Yes then we can probably appoint you to this thread’s…
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Great memories you must have from this personal meeting,…then you probably have a lot to share with us.


I wonder whether anybody on the forum has one of the Naim posters picturing Jimi Hendrix. There used to be at least one in the goods out listening room at the factory at one time but, IIRC, there was a complaint from the family, and Naim pulled them, but I’m sure Paul S can provide the facts to the story.

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While living in London
Apparently he was also fond of what looks like a 401(below). Needless to say he had good taste in music. Almost as good as mine. :sunglasses:


God bless him.
I once had an electric guitar “tutor” who was absolutely nuts about jimi. He had the pillows on his settee from those from the album cover.

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Not really, we just swapped stories of old time delta blues guys.
In those days I was semi-involved in the blues/rock/progressive side of the music business & spent a lot of time around the London & south UK venues & met a load of people, this was nothing special at the time.

I’m very envious, @Mike-B. I would have loved to have seen him perform once. He was very special.

Gormless response I know but - “wow”. There are probably not that many people who saw Jimi live 5 times and even less still able to post the fact on a forum.

Didn’t Are you Experienced knock Sgt Pepper off No. 1? What a time for music.


“still able to post” !!! I’m not that decrepit

I thought is sounded kinder than still alive :wink:



The list of guitarists that all look up to Hendrix is a who,s who of rock greats. Clapton, Jeff Beck, Santana, Pete Townsend, Ron Wood, Keith Richards…the list goes on and on. Wish i had seen him like @mikeb.

I don’t want to upstage Mike but I met Noel’s mum Margaret Redding in 1976 she lived just long the coast from me at Littlestone (Noel being a Folkestone boy). For some ‘reason’ Noel wasn’t allowed back in the country at the time.

I had the privilege of seeing Jimi on his first (official) UK gig at The Marquee in London (I think I might have met you Mike - weren’t you the bloke in the jeans & T shirt?). Three of us travelled up from Richmond, and The Experience just absolutely blew our collective young brains, something from which I’ve never recovered.

Jimi was a remarkable character, as well as being the best electric guitar player ever (no question - it’s futile to argue otherwise). Some great guitarists always acknowledge his huge influence, with IMO Stevie Ray Vaughan getting closest to his vibe. There’s a fascinating interview on one of Joe Satriani’s live concert videos, where he talks about how, despite efforts to get away from his influence, he inevitably drifts back to copying many of Jimi’s styles.

Of course, “Are You Experienced?” is the greatest debut album ever released, and Foxy Lady the greatest opening track of any album, ever. I’ve still got my original “Track” mono copy, but it is somewhat worse for wear…

OK, I confess, I’m a bit of a fan.


Yes that was me, were you the bloke in the paisley shirt ??

I get the impression people are surprised at us ol’ fella’s seeing these bands. It was very different in those days, the venues were small, often a pub back room, a few hundred people, the Marquee was licenced for 350 if I remember right, the first Hendrix gig was really packed & was recon’d to be well over 1000.
But back to the point, most gig organisers put on numbers of bands. Places like Marquee, 100 Club, Eel Pie, Speakeasy all had numbers of bands per night & it was common for any non playing band people in the audience to get invited up to jam. I’ve seen sessions with over 12 very well known faces on stage.
One London venue that I really enjoyed & saw a lot of bands at was Middle Earth (the Roundhouse) it was an all nighter & put on some great nights, just take a look at these tickets,


Yep! how spooky is that?

Those times were definitely great to witness, and I’m not seeing them through rose-tinted spectacles. I was a regular at Eel Pie Island, which was just a short bus ride from home, and saw some of the great bands and singers there.

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:small_blue_diamond:AndyP,…you wrote: “I don’t want to upstage Mike but I met Noel’s mum Margaret Redding in 1976”.

Everyone may not know who Noel (Redding) was,.so I put some information.

Noel Redding playing as a member of….
The Jimi Hendrix Experience,.on dutch television show,.“Hoepla” in 1967.

From Billboard,…below
12 Maj 2003

Rock musician Noel Redding,.best known for his stint as the bassist of the Jimi Hendrix Experience,.was found dead yesterday (May 11) at his home in Ireland of unknown causes.
He was 57.

Noel Redding,.an accomplished guitarist based in the UK,. joined Hendrix’s band in 1966 and played on the three Jimi Hendrix Experience albums.
Writing two songs as well as playing bass,before parting ways with the legendary guitarist in 1969.

Noel Redding also made numerous recordings with his bands Fat Mattress, Road, and the Noel Redding Band.
The artist’s most recent release was a live album, "Live From Bunkr. Prague”, which came out last year on Grant’s Track Records label and included Hendrix songs.
His mother reportedly died last week.

“I am very shocked to learn of my partner’s death,” reads a statement from Redding’s companion Deborah McNaughton, posted by Grant on the Track Records Web site.
“Noel was extremely gentle and gracious soul.
He had a kind of chivalry and nobility about him and he was kind to everyone bar none, people and animals alike.”

In a statement from Experience Hendrix,…which oversees the guitar legend’s catalog,…Hendrix’s family said….
:small_orange_diamond:"We at Experience Hendrix mourn the loss of Noel Redding.
His contributions to the Jimi Hendrix Experience shall never be forgotten.
Our prayers go out to his family and friends during this difficult time."

In an interview last year with,Noel Redding recounted his trials and tribulations in attempting to recover unpaid royalties for his work with Hendrix.
“I should have been a plumber. That’s a joke.
But the thing is, plumbers get paid,” he said.
“But there again, I’m still playing, thank God. That’s the main thing.”

The fight for those royalties has been ongoing, according to Grant.
“We were about to be in court over it, and we were on top,” he says. "And now he will never know how it turns out.
I don’t know what will happen with it now. I’ve only been working with him for about two years.
I was on a mission to right the wrongs that had been done to him.

“In working with him, I know him as a very kind, considerate man, especially given what happened to him with royalties and such,” Grant adds.
“He struggled at various times to reap the benefits of that part of his career …
He’s now with Jimi, I guess, and they’ll be comparing notes.”

:black_small_square:Jimi Hendrix and Noel Redding above.


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Can we have pictures of the loon pants and Afro hair…guys?

Here’s the female Hendrix, with afro hair. Will that do? :sunglasses: