All change - in with the Muso 2

We’re moving house, so it seemed like time to take stock. I’ve had great joy from listening to my hifi: NAC-172, NAP200, Rega Planar 2, ATC SCM11. But things change. I’ve realised I don’t want to spend time on positioning, racks, and running speaker and ethernet wires in the new house. I don’t want it taking up space. And that made me realise something else: hifi was never my hobby. It was always music I loved.

So, I sold the hifi. The whole thing. And replaced it with a Mu-So 2. Right now, I’m listening to John Martyn and it sounds pretty darn good. Not as good, obviously, but still hugely enjoyable. Next up will be Bobby Womack, Laura Marling, Mose Allison and then … who knows? I’m taking the afternoon.

Appropriately, ‘Go Down Easy’ has just started.


Good move … :+1:


I did the same a few weeks ago - sold it all and went with the Muso 2

Enjoy the music!

How do you find the Muso2 compared with the ATC SCM11 (which I have - a great speaker but lacking in bass) ?
I have just ordered a Muso Qb2 to replace my upstairs Qb1 and was wondering if a further downsize move in terms of system simplification is viable.

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The hifi system I had was objectively much better than the Mu-So 2. You can’t make that change and expect it to sound the same. But the Mu-So 2 is very, very good for what it is - remarkable really.

For the first time today I played a track on the Mu-So that I hadn’t previously played on the old system (as it happens, Wide Awake by Foxtrott) and I thought it was awesome.

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