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just a quick one here if i may…

Can someone here tell me why Naim Allae speakers are so cheap on the second hand market?

I am looking to purchase a mint pair myself but to be honest their cheap current prices are putting me off, as i can’t help feeling there’s catch somewhere. Is it because their crossovers may need servicing or is it something else (parts) that can no longer be sourced (that may need replacing)?
I have just seen an absolute ‘mint’ pair go for as little as £430. This to me seems eye wateringly cheap, they were unmarked with all original packing and were absolutely stunning!

I have just recently tried my son’s Credos on my current system and i thought they sounded magnificent, but of course he doesn’t want to let them go. Ok, maybe i’ll look for some Allaes instead then…

I am looking to replace my Motive SX2 speakers so i am a little confused as to why they’re so cheap.

What are your views on this?

Thanks in advance folks

The only catch is its a buyers market. There is a swath of used speakers on the market and the market has decided this is the value of alles

Personally every single day of the week I would take an SBL over an allae, but thats just me, there is nothing particularly wrong with them as far as I am concerned.

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Good speaker, snap them up! If you didn’t get in with them with a little bit of effort they could soon be moved on with no loss.

I liked them and if the price is low they are a bargain.


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An excellent speaker and an absolute bargain secondhand - arguably as big a bargain as secondhand SBLs as they may suit some systems and situations better.

The downsides are that replacement mid/bass drivers are no longer available from Naim, and the interior foam may eventually get brittle and start to break down. However, these are issues that affect many speakers, not just the Allaes, and there are usually specialists around who can help with either issue.

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Stephen, if the Credos sound magnificent on your current setup then go for the Allaes as they are a better speaker. Owned two pairs for over 15 years (regretted selling the first pair) and still going strong on my second setup.

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What on earth kept you Stephen?! I have been nagging you on this for what feels like years!

(You already know my views on Allaes, so I will say no more).


Thank you so much for your replies. I feel really confident in buying a pair. I very much regret not going for the last pair i just saw go for silly money. They were in a stunning rosewood veneer. A really striking grain and just perfect for what i want.

Indeed, i ran a pair of cherry Credos for 18 years (the ones my son now has), and after a recent solder repair job that i had done to one of the crossover sockets, i thought i’d rig them up on my current system as part of the test. The huge grin on my son’s face was enough for me to not ask for them back, hence my new found love for a pair of Allaes.
It brought it all back, i need some Naim speakers in my life. I have also thought about SBLs but it’s the Allae’s that appeal to me, mainly because of their simplicity and because i don’t think i will really ever have the system to exploit SBLs in a way i think they deserve.

I just cannot believe how much of a bargain they have become, i find it all rather shocking really.

Anyway, the hunt is on. Allaes here we come!

Thanks all.


It is. I’m blessed by a GBP 170 costing set of IBL’s. Allaes are also on the list, but I need more rooms in my house I’m afraid!

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I have Allaes, they are the current hifi bargain. I’ve had SBLs which were ok, Naim Ovators S400 which were absolutely terrible but the Allaes are in a different class. Buy a pair before people realise how good they are and they increase in value. Easy to set up, reliable, buy the best condition ones you can find and you’ll be happy.



I’ve seen a pair recently but the buyer was asking £900 so maybe sellers have suddenly realised they’re worth asking more for than recent ones have sold.

I really enjoyed mine on the end of my first Naim system. (282/SC2/250.2) That was a really well balanced and fun system.

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Hi Richard,

i’m just trying to remove a little doubt here as it were…

Am i right in thinking that the mid/bass drivers will only need replacing if one were to drive them way too hard, possibly blowing them? Or do they naturally deteriorate in sound quality gradually over time?

The reason i say this is because my old Credos are now getting on for 23years old and apart from the tweeters, all other parts are original. I can’t see any visual degradation around the cones and both drivers are still working fine. They seem like they are built to last a lifetime.

Thanks ever so much for your time here if you can reply.

Warm regards,

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Stephen, yes, for all practical purposes, the only need to replace them would be if a driver was damaged or blown in some way.


Ok that’s brilliant. Thank you Richard.

I think that’s one seller who has been trying at that price for a while.

Until the recent events I did think that SBL prices were going up slightly and maybe there were slightly fewer pairs for sale than there had been over the previous five years.

Yes i’ve seen those. The pictures are quite vague also. For some reason i don’t trust the seller, not in a criminal way, but rather in a not really knowing what they have sort of way…?

I always try and do detailed & clear pictures of anything I’m selling along with a decent description of the item so buyers know exactly what they’re purchasing.

Some adverts have had zero effort put into them but an optimistic selling price.


Absolutely. Even when i pass down a used component to one of my sons i want him to really feel like it’s a special thing, as it did to me when it was once new. If the seller wants a premium price, then as you say, some premium effort into your advertising is the least one can do. Make your potential customer really feel like they’re onto something. It says a lot about the original owner and what sort of life the component may have had, regardless of it’s usage.

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Richard, my Allaes are 2009 models (serial #273xxx) and I’ve just checked the black foam in the mid/bass cabinet and the white foam in the lower cabinet - both appear nice and smooth, not brittle or at the edge of dissolving - ie. turning into dust. Is it possible that such late models do not experience foam deterioration? Or should I get replacement foam before it’s sold out? I know, this is hard to answer… thanks anyway…

What’s maybe interesting to other Allae owners is this: when I got these beautiful Allaes in Oct. 2016 I asked naim support if the Xovers need servicing and Phil Harris said this (bless him!):

“No – the crossovers don’t need servicing on Allaes. Good speakers – I have a pair myself…”

Cheers! Take care, stay safe and well!

If the foam is fine then I’d just leave be.


Allae. Best sounding speakers ever made by Naim for Passive operation.